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Profitable Marketing

February 22nd, 2011
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Convenient, is not it? Business without boundaries! 9. Modern agit. materials (videos, presentations, websites, etc.) But what about without it? The company must be a modern website. Moreover, apart from the official site, the company should be interesting media centers. Professionally designed and original videos about the company and the product, people have been successful. The same goes for presentations. 10.

Management Well, unlike companies, the presence of young management is not desirable. Successful experience in company management has the greatest value! To you it may seem strange, but the main thing that people are steering the company were deeply religious and spiritual people. I could say that management must be innovative, with a big vision yes it is. But if a company falls under most of my criteria, it is already the case. But the facts prove that the top of the world's checks and management of the most successful Companies – simple, faithful, kind and spiritual people. 11.

The training system through the Internet This includes regular online conferences, meetings, webinars with leadership staff, closed sites where the team regularly publishes interesting and relevant materials. Online schools. Can not exclude the sponsorship. 12. Availability Top-checks in the world rankings (desirable) This item is desirable because the potential candidate will be able to see what's in your companies can achieve success. And what's more it is possible. 13. Profitable Marketing Plan This is a fairly relative concept Profitable for whom? Thee company, your partners, sponsors? Yes to all it has to be profitable! I will not consider here this topic in detail. Consider only what I believe, profitable marketing plan: a reasonable monthly activity, regular and timely payments, marketing is focused on the regular consumption of the network; discounts for bulk order, minimum of 5 sources of income, a percentage of the receipts of your leaders, to network with a maximum payment of 60%, ideal of course is not less than 50%, a percentage of the turnover of its leaders, the opportunity for Newbies earn money in the first week; marketing should help encourage people under you!; 14. Simple and convenient withdrawal fee if you want to surf the Internet, then you should not be restrictions on cashing in their commission. The company should be simple and intuitive interface (site) for withdrawal. You should be able to withdraw them at any convenient time for you to anywhere in the world. It is desirable that the derivation of the money was the ability to convert currencies. 15. Ability to operate the commission What is this? And it means the ability to use their commissions not only to cash in monetary terms. For example, to pay for the product once with the back office. Or you could send a portion of commissions to his partner, who does not go this month to hold out until the maximum activity. That is, in principle, and all I wanted to tell you about the selection criteria of the company. Have any questions, write. I wish you good luck and bolshuschih checks! ps In any network marketing company can make money, the only question is how quickly and how easily!


Smart Homes

February 10th, 2011
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And with the smart home, you have the whole system is displayed on a small panel, the quality of this panel depends on your wishes. You can order your expensive touch-screen or cheaper monitor, you may choose it themselves, and of course, a couple of years, if you get tired of it, you can replace it as a tv, nothing in this case, not having lost in the system of smart home. And now for the price, of course, immediately suggests the idea that, yes certainly an intelligent building system more efficient, but it and the money is worth ten times more expensive than just lay a warm floor and led the panel. And here we start to think logically – we are manufacturers of equipment for smart home, we all support systems house (ventilation, lighting, video surveillance, alarm system, heating, sewage) reduces in one intelligent system with artificial intelligence that controls everything every second. And if you buy a warm floor, then install the host intelligent video surveillance system or intelligent (can not even intelligent) lighting, ventilation, and so on, it will everything is much more expensive. Why? Because we have one controller controls the entire system. Our controller – this is our development, the Russian innovative technology that was developed over 7 years, which has proved themselves in the work at high loads (the defense industry, railway transport, metro cars – everywhere today is our frequency converter or voltage regulator is peaceful.

We called him from the word – 'The world'. High-quality smart home – it's not advertised brand, the brand does not control life support system at home. High-quality smart home – it's flexible, customizable management system. That control system, because only we come to the installation of equipment as a smart home control system. And our smart house is not called smart home and intelligent building, with artificial intelligence, what does writing fiction in books, now available in the company of House Clover. And who will give you a 5-year hardware warranty smart home? No one runs the risk of giving such a long warranty on their equipment, only the automotive industry, but there comes a marketing campaign, because today, five years to ride in one car is no longer convenient. If you want to install in its place a warm floor and forget about it, the best solution – a system for controlling a smart home company Clover House. The choice is yours, for us, until you think word of mouth works, our customers recommend us to their friends, but, alas, has recently become a luxury.



February 6th, 2011
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Even if this child is very smart and talented, the most likely later in life he will never achieve financial success. In addition to the linguistics of Russian (or any other other) language people use, and other linguistic system (language) – the language of desire, language, emotion, body language, etc. With these languages, people exchange information with each other or with other reasonable structures Universe. The scientific direction of "Ecology of thinking and Linguistics (EKOLMIL) examines the principles and laws of thinking and linguistics, as well as developing rules of effective and safe use of mental and Linguistic Technologies for enabling life on Earth. According to the authors ekolmil, everyone should a child learn the basics of safe use of thought (conscious and unconscious) and linguistics. This will help a person improve quality life for themselves and their loved ones.

At the beginning of the third millennium, there is a rapid development of information technology. Particular attention is paid modern science technologies for information management in terms of mental or so-called energy-information exchange. In Russia, the United States, Europe, dozens of laboratories and institutions that manage mass consciousness, nlp, hypnosis, psychotronic technologies. These technologies are a great danger to life or health (physical, mental) of people as the cornerstone put efficiency, rather than safety and environmental mental technologies. The effect of these technologies now affects virtually every living person on the earth. With each passing day mankind increasingly coming to realize a simple fact – the entire Universe is constructed and operates on the basis of mental or as decided today to say, energy-exchange.