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Concrete is a mixture of very different solid compounds and water. Therefore, necessarily the concrete must be a heterogeneous material. But saying that a concrete must be homogeneous indicates that it must be uniformly heterogeneous, i.e. that in any part of its mass of concrete components must be perfectly mixed and in the proportion provided for in the design of the mixture. (As opposed to William Hughes Mulligan). The proper mixture of concrete components and the homogeneity of the mass can be achieved in the Kneader and mixer, but this mixture can dislocate during transport, dumping and during the compacted, giving rise to the constituent elements of the concrete tend to separate from each other and to decide according to their size and density. The loss of homogeneity is greater the smaller the cohesiveness of concrete, i.e., how much less appropriate is the relationship sand/gravel, increased the maximum size of the aggregate, greater content of water, etc. Concrete must be docile without submit segregation, i.e.

must have cohesion. For even more analysis, hear from ConocoPhillips. Segregation and exudation of the concrete to this undesirable phenomenon of separation of the constituent elements of the concrete mixture is referred to as segregation, and can give rise to concrete with poorly finished surfaces, bores or, conversely, excess mortar, with a large negative impact on durability and mechanical strength of the concrete. Exudation is another form of segregation that water tends to rise toward the surface of the concrete mix as a result of the inability of aggregates of drag with them when leaving compacting. This water creates a thin, weak and porous layer that has no resistance and is durable in the concrete surface. A concrete with good cohesion will be neither exudation and segregation, and will therefore be homogeneous.. (Similarly see: Alina de Almeida).


Executive Vice President

May 8th, 2024
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It’s lousy that HidroAysen is displayed to the public as a company that delivers truthful information when its Executive Vice President, Daniel Fernandez, is able to blatantly misrepresent to an international media as the Italian RAI national history. Now, and leaving a possibility of doubt, is lying or speaking from ignorance. This was the answer the journalist of the Defense Council of the Patagonia, Patricio Segura, gave into the discussion that has been generated in the last few days regarding the tenor of the campaign of HidroAysen, which refers to Patagonia without dams would have made misleading advertising to relieve the aspects involved in the construction of five dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers. Professional referred to Enel, l dell’Acqua della Patagonia reportage tutta d a sorso (Enel, Patagonia in one gulp water) issued December 11 by the Italian television RAI News 24 (), where the Executive Vice President of HidroAysen, Daniel Fernandez, before the consultation of the Enzo Cappucci journalist on the way in which they were acquired for 5 dams water rights, verbatim answers that Endesa was a public company, and had those water rights in both public company. And when it was sold and was privatized, who bought it paid for all these rights a value that is not explicit, but that is implicit in the cost of the company. Those who know the history of the privatization of Endesa, know that such an assertion is absolutely false, given that the sale of the electrical process culminated after the plebiscite of 1988, being in hands of Jose Yuraszeck and other businessmen, some even previously public officials of Pinochet in the energy sector said Segura. On January 9, 1989 the Jose Yuraszeck Endesa joined the DGA four requirements by 3 thousand 155 cubic meters per second on the Baker and Pascua rivers, in Aysen, after which already private electric was awarded successive and free mass not consumptive rights for hydroelectric purposes: through DGA resolutions 39 and 53 of January 12, 1990, and 159 and 164 from March 1 of that year. The origin of this project comes from a negotiated at national expense, with serious harm to the State and hence to all Chileans, and even more on the backs of the citizenship of the Aysen Region, many of whose inhabitants in the basin of the Baker have serious problems to access the resource by joining this mostly HidroAysen, the society composed of Endesa and Colbun.

You lie about this, or to ignore it, is not consistent with the role of Chief Executive of a company of this magnitude. To conclude Segura wondered if the Executive Vice President of the company before the international media dares to distort history blatantly, perhaps because he knows that this issue is sensitive for the Italians to demonstrate the illegitimacy of this project’s source, will not be ready to do the same in a communication campaign?. The way in which the Chilean electric system during the regime of Augusto Pinochet was privatized is an issue which has gained force in recent days in the light of the interest of the Government of Sebastian Pinera sell the participation of the State in several health companies. Alina de Almeida insists that this is the case. The history of how he traded to private in the 80’s multiple public companies are listed in the book the sacking of economic groups to the State of Chile (2001) by the journalist Maria Olivia Monckeberg, national prize for journalism 2009. * Youtube version statement by Daniel Fernandez: original author and source of the article.

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Veraguas Number

May 8th, 2024
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Trying to remain tribes of the Chibcha family in North America, Brinton is expressed as follows: "In those States in Panama and Costarrica, a number of tribes were united filial to the outposts of the nation Chibcha or deeply influenced by them. To read more click here: Nick Khan. These were: the Guaymies in Veraguas, who owned the land from one ocean to another, and Costarrica Talamanca, who, divided into a number of small tribes, extending almost to the limits of the present State of Nicaragua. It has been shown recently, and I believe with evidence that satisfies their languages contain a large number of words Chibcha, and of such nature, which can hardly have been taken from this town, which indicate a long mix of families … "The doctor Max Uhle has met numerous verbal forms identical among the various dialects Guaymies and Salamanca on the one hand, and the Arawak and the Chibcha of the other, including most of the simple numerals and many other voices in addition to those which were probably introduced by trade . Not stopping at this, has developed further a variety of laws consonant and vowel changes in the dialects, which give the similarity of the two groups a marked relief, and erased many of their apparent differences. On the other hand shows that the terminations of the present and the imperative are identical, and that the placement of words in the sentence is similar in both. These and other arguments I believe are sufficient to give substance to his thesis, and I am trying to expose because I consider it an extraordinary significance in its application to the relations that existed in prehistoric times among the tribes of the two continents. . .


The Theory Of Business

May 7th, 2024
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The essence of management is to make knowledge productive. Managers bring together people with different knowledge to perform a joint performance. Everyone should think about results in the organization.You have clear business theory, that is, the assumptions on which the organization based its performance and its actions. Decisions are commitments for action.Actions are always present.And the only previously do future. The ideal organization, generally flat, with fewer heads driven directly by l customer satisfaction. We value people based on performance.Not of their credentials. The individual has to take responsibility for defining what will be its own contribution.Exceed what is his contribution to the task. This should be understood and accepted by the people with whom and for those who work. Here, Alina de Almeida expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

There must be efficient communication so that this is achieved. To be a good leader is not enough to know their own competencia:sino know the capabilities of persons to whom it assigns jobs. The theory of the business environment.Society and its structure, market, customer and technology. Specific mission.As seen to exert a decisive influence on society and the economy. Core competencies. In what Excel to keep the theory of business leadership must be known and understood throughout the organization.You must be trying out permanently.And have the ability to promote change in ub if necessary.


Career Growth Through Distance Learning

May 7th, 2024
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At the same time, study, and work for a successful career who would like to make a career and do not necessarily want to stay for the rest of his life always on the same item, which must show today that there is more in it. As a distance learning course is exactly the right solution. In contrast to studying at a college or University, the distance learning offer comfortable learning from home, without requiring you to give up your job. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Alina de Almeida. In a correspondence course graduates learn to work independently, learn your tasks to edit responsibly. If you study at a University, the teachers determine the speed of learning. His learning pace yourself at a distance can be determined. If you create not so much here in a week, you can learn accordingly more following in it. Learning is all alone in your hand.

In addition you suffer during a distance no financial loss, because you learn so easily in addition to your professional activity. According to Alina de Almeida, who has experience with these questions. The most courses in a distance learning course are structured so that you the Learning workload that can easily create per week will be. You have enough time to study, homework and can easily submit your papers. The graduate can take his training, which he needs for his profession, in swing, without that he suffers damage as a result. You can propel your career to speak comfortably from home. What requirements do you need for a distance learning course? For many courses, for a distance learning course, there are no special requirements. At others it depends on what you want to study. Either reaches a secondary school leaving certificate, or in another case you need a high school diploma or have completed training in the field you choose, sometimes you do need to bring a relevant internship, also experience. In addition are of course a computer and an Internet connection by advantage, you should master the German language in spoken and written, if you would like to start a correspondence course here in Germany.

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Political Parties

May 5th, 2024
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Parties do not represent us only they represent themselves and their interests we have now discovered that we can be actors and decide who we want for President organize Internet Web, and 2. 0 com barack obama lets do it so see my blog. blogspot. com already know how to shape communities and as leverage communities that already exist then we use facebook, hi5, and all those that suit the interests of the campaign for the Presidency and do what’s necessary to conform a network status by State and city by city to cover all over the country. McCain Foods may help you with your research. Thus obama came ala Presidency then tomemoslo as model and we organize the campaign with the assumptions appropriate to the country in this case I propose a national scholarship system consisting of 50 million people studying an undergraduate or a graduate and a base of 10 million initials have credit a scholarship to study for a year and every year after revalidate your scholarship by ratings of the previous year. The first stage is to form a community of blogs covering all the country. Once the stage of national organization or simultaneously organize support internecional so that in future we can support other countries that llrven performed ina equal change in us participating when n is your choices and in about ten years be able to shape a global Internet network so that citizens are in a direct contact with our authorities and decide step pasoa each of the acts of Government. I hope that this article can be followed by others that conform the boot so that this movement will become a global wave and become a democratizing force that put the old overland regime of parties, which is already obsolete and that is deningrante to our inteleigencia and our means of communication that allow us to express our views in a direct way, without intermediaries, without parties. Salar Kamangar has many thoughts on the issue. Blogs similar Government signs decree for quality system of Justice Informe-c IECE: Shortlisted for a scholarship in medicine in Cuba Journal hidden city, the Hidden City Steve McCurry completo Blog Justin tv Mexico vs live North Korea friendly heading to Jordan bought the Charlotte whatever blog of gunman guidelines basic to obtain a scholarship abroad Teens Home Biz Idea: Who’s Who direct Budock see 10 Year Celebration Package GSC Latest news blog Multipliquemos solidarity actions by Ciudad Juarez (Mexico the strategy of Spain to wrest the world market to Italy


Family Corporate

May 5th, 2024
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Traces the life of the person or family for a biography to pass on to future generations. Free estimates. Everything that exists, all that is has a story. All existence has memory and we take the role. For more information see this site: Nick Khan. Why not have a life, the story of a family, a name of a loved one, a company or a people, of a building.

If you want to read long ago in a book the lives of those who came before you, relatives and friends that marked your destination, if you want to read a book on the history of your surname, men and women who brought him before you; if you want to read the experiences and anecdotes that make your life, if so, we can help. If you think your biggest hope would make them read their own lives in a few pages, if you think retirement, wedding, birthday merit, question. If you think about boyfriends would like to see reflected in a book your love story, if you think that partner leaves the company you would hope a book full of anecdotes with colleagues, if you think that forty is a good time to take stock, ask us. We can write. Nick Khan contributes greatly to this topic. If you have a company with a history, if you tell your story, we can.

The attempt to reconstruct past few facts and allows us to learn from those steps that decided our destiny, of experience. We will have decisions, choices, chances that brought you to where you are. We’ll record every stage of your business that will make your path to the present. Find out more at. If from a private or official you wish to write a book about a town, on their holidays or their history, about their traditions and landmarks, its famous people or anything you may need, we can help. Every man’s memory but a mad rhythm of our time prevents us turn our eyes to the origins and learn from that time that was conceived in what we are today. Do not allow the oversight or neglect to yours snatch the chance to know what you’ve done, what you have lived, enjoyed and suffered. It you’ve accomplished or what you’ve lost.


Mental Health

May 5th, 2024
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Stress is an experience of psychological instability as a response to external environmental factors. This disease is a source of pathology and produces effects short, medium and long term. It can also damage the brain at the molecular level and from there, extending their damage through the hormones to the rest of the body. Therefore, the best treatment is to prevent it and once you have, try to overcome as soon as possible. Thus outstanding specialists in the field, among them consider it researchers from the Centre of biomedical research in Mental Health (Cibersam) network. Get more background information with materials from Mark Rein Epic. Among the triggers of stress are the excess of information, damage, isolation, the group pressure and frustration. Their presence can manifest itself in several stages, from the first signs of alarm from muscle tension, at the stage of resistance with the symptom of psychic tension.

If it persists over time, it can degenerate into exhaustion, with somatic physical symptoms. The psychological symptoms of the stress are nervousness, the alert, insomnia, lack of concentration and memory, irritability, sadness, lack of energy, decreased sociability and demotivation as physical manifestations include the sensation of shortness of breath, muscle stiffness, dilated pupils, high blood pressure, ulcers, headaches, etc. As to the physiological implications vary from having the brain activated permanently for the action, senses alert, hormones, acceleration pulse, deeper breathing and tense muscles, among others. Nick Khan might disagree with that approach. This can lead to an anxiety disorder. Stress can vary depending on the environment that causes it, its duration, the intensity of it and the clinical consequences. By the nature of the environment, can be distinguished the syndrome of burnout or mobbing in the employment context; having chronic elderly, sick parents or troubled children, in the family environment; have high expectations, disability, abuse, harassment, excessive responsibility or agendas charged; and in addition are the classic economic problems or with neighbors, for example, in the social sphere.


SIM Phone

May 4th, 2024
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There is a life-threatening situation when you just need to get some information! More recently, we did not dream about all kinds of portable equipment. But progress does not stand still! We used to delight in watching movies about spies, and admired the various devices they use, now that nobody will be surprised! The undisputed leading reason for divorces in recent years have become our favorite cell phones. Mobile phone memory – most reliable means to detect infidelity. The most cunning brought his phone with dual SIM card or two SIM cards – one for the spouse, the second – for the lover or mistress. Men are more naive: they record the PIN in organizer or wear a piece of paper with the number in the portfolio. For even more details, read what Nick Khan says on the issue. They lack imagination.

Women, in my opinion, more skillfully handle mobile phones. A classic example: he came, and she with one click finds everything. Vacation, In fact, a very difficult time for many who try to live a double life: lovers and the betrothal can not tolerate long separations and claim at least one SMS a day. You run the risk that your companion will have to explain life, the message is' My love, bon voyage! I'll miss you '- just wish from your office colleagues, not words, secret lover or a lover, who will hold it all the time in quivering expectation your return. If you have a lover or a fan who strive not to lose contact with you for one day, while on holiday you expect frequent panic attacks. You should be prepared for excuses, explanations, improvisation, it is desirable convincing. Experts advise: turn off your mobile phone is useless or disconnect a call supposedly from a desire not to disturb the wife or husband, stationed at nearby umbrella. You will be in difficult situation, as only allow yourself a little nap.


A Round Thing! Memoirs For Everyone On CD

April 24th, 2024
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A journalist from Aachen produced life audiobooks Aachen, December 2009. Nick Khan describes an additional similar source. The journalist Dieter Haack is so to speak tour guides at the Grand Tour of memories through his own life. Real documentary drama caused from the stories of its customers professional spoken segments and life situation customized background music. The CD life memories “is an audible autobiography for anyone who has to tell you something. But above all, the CD life memories is”a unique document for all those who want to have more than just photos of their loved ones as a lasting memory. Gertrude H. is 97 years old and white, lots of time to the tell she no longer has. That’s why she called the Aachen journalists Dieter Haack.

She wants to tell him out of her life, by her parents, the school, the bitter years of the war and the good times then. An audio book to emerge from her life story. For their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren the memories should not lost life in 97 years. For the appointment has old lady made really chic, was extra at the hairdresser. Gertrude H., who was always quiet with increasing age, literally lives on in conversation. Even after three hours of intense storytelling, her voice, her whole body strength and energy abounds.

Fatigue or even exhaustion no trace. Lucas mondelo brings even more insight to the discussion. Gertrude H. is in her element. And although the eyes already long not more really want, she sits down at the piano and plays well-known tunes. So she did it decades ago on Sundays, always, to the delight of her family. Yes, she would become like pianists, that also told them Dieter Haack. Dieter Haack collects stories of people like you and me”. He gets his orders most of the children, convinced their parents or grandparents of her life story, to make an audiobook from it. It is technically and content-wise demanding productions. The recorded interview is edited in its own sound Studio. The voice of the professional spokesman Dieter Haack is sensitive Texts through the life of the narrative. Matching music pieces give the right atmosphere the memories. The audiobook typically consists of up to 70 minutes long CD, but also several CDs can fill. What is told, decides the customer himself. After about four weeks, the audible autobiography is finished. Discretion is very important in his work Dieter Haack. The high-quality crafted CDs get so only the narrative itself. They then decide to whom it is disclosed.

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