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ADSL Flash

June 6th, 2014
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There are ADSL service providers that give this modem-router blocked and configured so that it only works with a single PC. sta is a guide as delete that configuration and leave it clean, to use it in all its power. The steps are as follows: must enter the FTP site of aztech () and lower than this within the generic folder. There is a txt file that explains everything then that basically is: unzip into a directory (I refuse to put folders) all the contents of the .zip boot from a Windows 98 boot diskette (if not you got one, down from an executable that generates the diskette) open the router (are you removed the 4 rubber pads which has down and 4 screws) you will find a jumperto the middle of the plate, close it. Connect the USB port and PC (via USB clear) feeding the router. in the PC go to the directory where they are uncompressed files, run the following: flash bootrom.bin pkg.txt usb_defa.txt /u /r and wait for it to record flash memory.