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Dennis Nowak Protect

May 22nd, 2014
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Gold for kids as money because our children are gold worth. Dennis Nowak Gold Insider gold for kids “as investment because our children are worth gold. Small is really not easy! Who is small, need protection and a timely provision for the future of children, the future of our society are integrated into everyday life,”affected both directly as indirectly by social and economic challenges. Turbulent times can be felt for our children as we are still experiencing, and in particular the consequences. For your financial security in the future, for your children, are gold bars, an important part of investment strategy for your wealth accumulation, as life has proven gold and silver as an investment and buying physical precious metals. Protect your family when our parents have acted correctly and to our birth had secured a gold purchase plan ourselves, we’d be rich today! We cannot change the past,…

just leave us the future make it better! The right retirement of your children and grandchildren! Investment in gold, silver, is an investment in tangible assets. It is commercially wise, if you trust not only paper money, but also in kind, for example in Goldsparplane and also in physical precious metals, is invested in gold and silver. In a survey, children, girls and boys between 9 and 12 years formulated their future desires, children have a positive vision of their future and great wishes majority… “” “” “” “” “” Here the 10 mostly expressed wishes: big house “be rich” great professional “great car” money “help other people” I always money “go on holiday” own horse “that it all goes well” parents and grandparents want only the best for the next generation. Even if one thinks in the own children usually rarely on their retirement, the foundation stone for a secure retirement should be at an early stage. Then for all holds: ever more likely to make begins, to provide for the age, the greater the benefits later.

The benefits of the statutory pension insurance are always low. This trend will continue in the coming years. The State pension at the age is therefore particularly lean look for children and grandchildren. It is therefore all the more important today to provide for the growing generation. With a small amount of continuous, a considerable pension for the next generation is created over the years. Choosing the right pension from the cradle of gold, the safest currency 2600 years. For special occasions or to the back to school money is paid in many families children investing in gold, because only who has gold has money! Prepare and give your children and grandchildren a secured future. Her Dennis Nowak

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European Union

May 16th, 2014
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In Bulgaria, people due to excessive electricity prices on the street went and brought the Government to the fall. Against the background of the current placement of the Fund SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 European solar in Bulgaria arises the question: is still attractive for foreign investors? Bulgaria is a relatively poor country that is nevertheless in 2007 became part of the European Union with its seven million inhabitants. It has a parliamentary Republic, which bit is the rights as in Germany, France, Spain. The EU has deliberately chosen this step, because Bulgaria is an important democratic spearhead in the former socialist countries. Fears, including the fear of expropriation or similar, are out of place. Bulgaria is a democratic country with the appropriate safeguards and a large legal security. Economic stability is reflected in one of the lowest public debt in Europe – documented with only 16.3%.

However, electricity prices in recent Years Europe skyrocketed and strain the budgets of many citizens. That this public protests, part of a democratic process is easy. What is rather puzzled that these protests in other countries such as, for example, Germany has failed. What does this mean for an investment in a solar Park, as SHEDLIN capital AG offers him just his investors? To you have to look at first the starting point: solar parks are almost without exception only then economically viable if they heavily promoted by State subsidies. In all European countries, this is equally so. Usually these government subsidies be cut regularly, new solar parks will only count if sink into the same proportion also the engine and construction costs and/or increase the efficiency of the modules. Also in Bulgaria, put it more on the expansion of renewable energies and increased the attractiveness through high subsidies. And much like in Germany were these significantly to approximately 0,121 cut to 30 June of the last year – and almost at the market level. A special feature results in the solar Park at SHEDLIN sold by Bosch.

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Iloxx Solar Plant Brings

May 10th, 2014
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Shipping agent helps to stable energy Nuremberg Hospital, 26 September 2013 the BBBOnLine AG supports the Rotary Club Lubeck Bay / Timmendorfer Strand in a nonprofit aid project in Madagascar. Ensuring a stable energy supply the hospital in Manambora, the volunteer club organized a solar system. The Nuremberg shipping agent at cost price handled the transport. For several years, a German medical team involved in the region around Manambora to help especially needy children. Many of them are health restricted by birth or due to accidents.

With surgical and aesthetic correction of face and limbs, and the dissemination of knowledge, the volunteers, help to create a lasting improvement on the ground. However, an ongoing issue for Malagasy hospitals is the energy supply. Especially in rural areas, the grid is unreliable or don’t even exist. Standard facilities include there old diesel generators, the cause a high fuel consumption and corresponding costs. Take this rule almost half of the annual budget of a hospital claim.

Stand firm therefore: an alternative energy we need, to ensure a reliable supply. After already urgently needed equipment to the hospital were delivered, the Rotarian large-scale project of the solar system went last year in extensive preparations. Many partners of the International Rotary network – including the BBBOnLine AG – helped along to the project funded through donations in the final phase could start in the spring. The handling of the transport was completely in the hands of the Nuremberg shipping agent who looked after it, that the solar system by ship and overland transport went to Manambora. The plant is now in operation. About BBBOnLine AG the forwarding Department LOX cargoes of BBBOnLine AG offers customized solutions for national and international freight in the segment of land transport, air and sea freight. Iloxx it accesses a large network back, consisting of more than 20 of the largest German logistics company and a variety of smaller, specialized trucking companies. iloxx offers transport solutions for large and small companies. Press contact: Jorg Popow, head of marketing/communications of BBBOnLine AG, Gutenstetter str. 8 b, 90449 Nurnberg E-Mail: Internet:

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Equity Energy

May 3rd, 2014
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Schuco presents system solutions Schuco at Intersolar to the production and use of its own energy use continuously can be increased by new energies with co-ordinated system solutions, so it’s worth as own energy to produce and use shows 2013. With his year’s trade fair appearance in Hall B2 at booth 410, Schuco focuses with its business unit new energy solutions for one – and two-family homes, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses. Schuco has redefined its product portfolio and adapted his business unit new energies on the prevailing political and economic conditions. It consists of high-quality poly – and Mono-crystalline modules, which allow the solar electricity for own consumption and for feeding in public electricity networks along with inverters and innovative installation systems. Power storage and energy management systems such as the Schuco energy Manager are other elements of this portfolio. For the generation of heat and Cooling offers customized heat pumps Schuco on the photovoltaic system. To get thermal collectors, tuned assembly systems and thermal storage. 2013 In Munich Schuco focuses at the Intersolar Europe in an exhibition space of 200 m2 on the presentation of selected proposals: for the detached house sector of Schuco energy Manager for storing will be self generated solar power focus.

In addition, the topics of cooling and heating with solar power in combination with a heat pump, as well as aesthetic mounting solutions are presented. For small and medium-sized businesses Schuco presents different mounting systems for flat and industrial roofing and its solar mobility car port Variant. These examples selected model solutions for the generation, storage and own use of electricity, heating and cooling are suitable almost for every area of application. Own energy can be consumed locally, saves energy costs and offers long term Planning security. In addition to these economic benefits, ecological energy generation is also a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and climate change. Schuco system solutions for Windows, doors, facades and solar. With its worldwide network of partners, architects, planners and investors, Schuco realized sustainable building envelopes, providing the people with his needs to the fore in the harmony with nature and technology. This complies with the highest standards of design, comfort and safety, at the same time through energy efficiency reduces CO2 emissions and conserves the natural resources.

The company with its divisions of metal construction, plastics and new energies delivers targeted products for new construction and modernization, which meet the individual requirements of the user in all climates. Schuco is active with more than 5,000 employees and 12,000 affiliates in 78 countries and has generated an annual turnover of 2.23 billion euros in 2011.

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