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APS Solar

August 31st, 2013

Solar street lighting: APS solar photovoltaics can be used to provide a source of clean, economic, power available on the site, different lighting applications, among which we find the public lighting and spectacular lighting.Solar street lighting or solar lighting systems are systems that well-designed and with proper maintenance provide free and reliable lighting for many years.A solar luminaire contains basically three elements: solar panel that transforms sun rays into electricity, the storage and control system that stores energy and regulates its use and the lighting system that depending on requirements opts for technology of light, magnetic induction, low pressure sodium vapor light emitting diodes. Evaluation of the potential of solar street lighting. There are several factors to consider when evaluating the possibility of implementing solar luminaries, for every lighting need factors as levels of illumination, physical characteristics of the place of installation, comparative cost between solar luminaires and conventional luminaires, are decisive factors when implementing solar or conventional technology. Solar street lighting luminaires. Solar street lighting teams are independent unitary systems, designed to operate autonomously to 100%, photovoltaic panel is integrated to the post, normally at its tip, batteries and the control system are housed in a Cabinet mounted on the pole. The luminaire itself is the complete lighting unit and consists of the bulb, ballast, reflector diffuser and casing. Systems of one or two luminaires are integrated by post.

Lighting levels. The solar street lighting luminaires provide levels of illumination on average of 30 Lux, depending on the model, type and mounting height employed luminaire can change this value. The place of installation is suitable for solar fixtures.Photovoltaic panel should provide guidance to the geographic South of the place of installation be free of shadows virtually all day, do the installation area is free from shadows or there are trees, buildings or structures that prevent a good insolation? There are particular conditions to take into consideration as they may be, extreme temperatures, ambient marine or strong winds.


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