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Extrusion Technology Development

December 25th, 2012
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China begins in 2006, China produced more than 25,000 sets of extruders. Extrusion mechanisms are one of the key articles of Chinese exports. China provides cost-effective and integrated solutions from main units of production extruders to supply complete production lines. As for the main blocks and plastic products, the Chinese extruders include single-screw extruders are suitable for different materials and designs, such as panels, sheets, film, fibers and rods, parallel twin-screw extruders and reversing the conical twin-screw extruders reverse rotation used processing heat-sensitive materials such as panels of PVC pipes and profiles, parallel twin-screw extruders in parallel rotation used when mixing materials, filling, drainage, modification and granulation. In recent years there is continuous development of additional equipment and production technology of molds, and extrusion lines gradually come to the important place in Chinese market extruders. As technology improved manufacture of PVC profiles and equipment for their subsequent processing is the growth in demand for film and pipeline equipment. Chinese exports to the markets of CIS countries include film extrusion lines and lines for the production of blow, such as 3-7-layer multi-functional line of laminating films, lamination line sandwich structural film Chemical packaging production line of the film used in agriculture and processing of soil and geotechnical production line of the film. On the other hand, China is developing the technology of production of various of cast film and the film stretched along one axis and two axes. Also, China can provide the line for the production of five-layer extruded / cast film production line or extruded / cast film width of more than 5m.

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Corner Computer Desk

December 23rd, 2012
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Of the total diversity of the corner computer desk is allocated in the first place, the volume of living space. Tabletop really had a large and comfortable: after placing on it all the necessary components of the pc the computer will remain free space for writing letters and placing all sorts of trivia. As a rule, around the perimeter of such tables are shelves and drawers of different sizes and depths. This allows you to place all additional computer equipment in strict accordance with its importance to hand do not interfere with unnecessary items. In the visual perception of the corner computer desk is very aesthetic. No sharp corners softens the lines, design does not look bulky. In addition, due to this feature in the house reduces the risk of injury of young children. In recent models, corner computer desk bought "empty legs", they are very convenient to hide the wires from the machinery.

According to the customer for the same purpose in the table top may be provided for special openings. Corner computer desk can be both a seamless design and consisting of two details. In the latter case, the side table is easily attached to the ground and securely fastened. Most models are equipped with rollers, allowing the computer desk as needed to move easily.


Federal Licensing Center

December 23rd, 2012
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ISO 9000 certificate to replace the licensing of particular relevance is introduction of quality management system before the upcoming abolition of licensing of construction activity. iso 9000 certification is a prerequisite for the beginning of the relationship between customer and performer. Today while the Russian State Duma passed a bill to extend licensing to 01.01.2009 deferment cancellation of licensing related to the finalization of the bill to move from licensing to self-regulation (SRO) in building, whose main task will be monitoring the release of products and services required quality. Due to the fact that the companies – participants self-regulatory organizations will be borne by the mutual, including financial responsibility, their accreditation in the sro will be on multiple criteria. According to the program manager of accreditation and certification of the Association of Russian Builders M.

Burlakova, one of the main Requirements for joining the sro will be the presence of the builders of the certificate of conformity of quality management system iso 9000 (ISO 9001-2001). iso 9000 certification – the success of the Company! Introduction of the Company and smc obtaining iso 9000 certificate – a great PR-cause and an additional opportunity to loudly not only about themselves, but also to report on the radical changes the organizational structure, streamlining processes, improving the work personnel and improving the quality of its products. Competently filed information regarding certification iso, will definitely foster a positive public reputation in the professional community. Enumerate the main competitive advantages that arise from the Company to obtain iso 9000 certificate: – iso 9000 means the absence of inspections by the authorities of the Federal Licensing Center (in accordance with Federal Law 80 of 07.02.2005 "On the Introduction of changes in the Federal Law "On licensing of certain activities").



December 21st, 2012
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In Indiana line they had crossed a confusion of twigs, falling leaves, dirty water holes and great puddles, following a track that forms a great snail. Half hour later a fine mantle started covered it the quagmire. They walked with caution and, of time in when, they stopped to hear strange sounds that it saw of inside of a fog. The night had quickly fond and with the fog the way was difficult. Gordon decided to look a place to pass the night. In addition, the night was the schedule of the hunters nocturnal. Gordon looked at for all the sides and they did not obtain to see a good place to pass the night. Exactly that it existed, the fog was being denser and made it difficult the vision. To the trancos and barracos they had obtained, fortunately, to find an opening in a very old tree, the opening was distant of the ground good for protection. Antenor was the first one to scale the trunk and to enter e, then behind, it came Gordon.


Saint Gobain

December 19th, 2012
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– Mari It stows thinking. if we changed the mirror of place? – To move! But why? In addition, it is so great that both we would be with the arrebentada column! – He is that it is well in the front of the door that communicates this room with the room to the side. – Bobagem! Who wants one full room of doors? This age a vice of century XIX! This door does not make lack none. – But and if we had a baby, and it cried during the night? This door would be useful! – We will think about this if we will have a baby, when we will have a baby But, since he is so curious, it goes to the other room and it opens the door that is behind the mirror! Shortly afterwards. – Mari Saint Gobain, 1693 This mirror has 300 years! is not alone this: the mirrors Saint Gobain had been the first ones to be produced in series in the Europe! Magical mirrors were called How it will be that it came to stop here? – Hermes! Nor it seems that already we visit as many Museums It remembers Solar of the Baron ? barons of the coffee went frequently to the Europe, and fulled the houses with everything of better that they found – We go to vender the mirror! – You are wild? Nunquinha ! In that old full Moon night cantigas of mucamas fulled senzala desert; it had the reminiscncia of old batuques in the place of fetichism and European perfumes of the ladies in the ball hall The light of the Moon, full of poetry, life and gold, penetrated for the same opening of the window, of this time among the reposteiros of velvet, half-closed.



December 16th, 2012
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I am andarilha of the Spheres. Untiring caminhante, without destination certoando which nomadic soul, to the incessant search of the happy instants that perdie live palpitantes in lembranasque I did not forget the life that I lived. For times, I feel under my feet the life, in the heat of the land, others, the coolness of the fields relvadosconfortam with maciez my tired feet already; others still, the soft texture of the sand, for the perpetual flow-refluxo of the sea, wet, brings me it sensation of fugaz-perpetual-cicloao which is all predestinateing. The pebbles of the rivers, shine to the solar light, and feel the smooth ones to them forms without edges, when for on them thoughtful walking, I construct with mine to think realidadeque would like to have the happiness to find refulgindo under the brightness of the stars and the fulgurante lunar clarity. These andanas all, without ceasing, bring me it souvenir the times mine, happy of child when, without still knowing what he was ' ' esperana' ' it lived the life waked up in dreams and saw the generosidadeespelhada one in each look.


Equator Temperature

December 9th, 2012
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They can be classified in diverse ways. How much to the origin place, they can be classified in? continental? , when they are formed on continents, or? maritime, when formed on seas. How much to the origin latitude, they can be ' ' rticas' ' , ' ' polares' ' , ' ' tropicais' ' or ' ' equatoriais' '. E, how much to the temperature with regard to the place on which if they find at one definitive moment, they are classified in ' ' quentes' ' or ' ' frias' '. Solar radiation is the energy emitted for the Sun. Of the energy emitted for the Sun, the Land uses very little, but this energy corresponds almost for the totality of the energy used for our planet.

– Latitude: The more if it moves away from the line of Equator, minor becomes it temperature. The land is receives heat proceeding from the solar rays, however in distinct inclinations, what it becomes the lesser illumination the measure that if distance of the Equator. – Altitude: The more high the altitude, minor will be the temperature, in result of two factors: It diminishes the concentration of gases and humidity, therefore air goes if becoming rarefied, what it reduces the heat retention. Moreover, the continent ocean/radiates solar light for the atmosphere, how much in this manner bigger the lesser altitude the solar irradiation. – Continentalidade: The proximity of great amounts of water exerts influences in the temperature. The water delays if to heat, while the continents if heat quickly. On the other hand, in contrast of the continents, the water delays to radiate the absorbed energy. Therefore, the hemisphere North has more rigorous winters and hotter summers, had the amount of lands emersas to be bigger, that is, suffers influences of the continentalidade, good part of this hemisphere. – Current Maritime: They are water masses that circulate for the ocean.


Austral Energy

December 3rd, 2012
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On ” possible damage that the project could cause to the tourist image of the region, is recommendable the accomplishment of a study on the part of tending Austral Energy to measure and to clarify this impact, which evidently of not generating the effects negative that early attribute on the tourist image regional.” to him; Its preoccupation by the interference of the red tide in inner areas of the Aysn fiord expressed the Undersecretary’s office of Fishing as well product of the possible construction of the dam Cuervo river. ” During the filling there will be a period of 15 to 24 months in which the fiord will receive only the amount corresponding to 3m3/s of fresh water, generating a local increase and temporarily of the salinity. This can generate an interference towards the interior of the fiord, of the saline pen. The importance of the previous thing is in which the presence of the injurious microalgae Alexandrium catenella in the fiord is limited by the salinity. The holder will have to analyze this situation, to model to the probable interference of Alexandrium catenella to more internal sectors of the estuary and to settle down measures of mitigation or reparacin”. They are these some of the questions to which it must respond Austral Energy in adenda entered Thursday after 10 months of work, having the services public as of the moment in which they receive such compendium 15 working days to realise new observations in these or other matters.


The Solar Energy And Its Benefits

December 1st, 2012
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Solar energy is a thermal and lumimosa power plant, gotten with the daenergia captation proceeding from the sun, clean and renewable it and, therefore it does not attack the environment and it never finishes. Benefits dEnergia Solar the solar energy can seraproveitada in some ways. Some of them are sufficient conhecidascomo the natural illumination or the environment heating. Others are maisrecentes, but already they count on grandeaceitao. Amongst the solar water heating and the generation of electric energy are estasdestacam. Solar heater degua For the solar daenergia exploitation for the water heating, is used the solar plates and osboilers capable to heat the water of its residence, or industries, building and commerce.

The available solar energy in our country, with a small investment, can serusada to heat the day to day water even though or the water of swimming pools. Solar Oaquecimento of water is the main application of the Solar Energy in the World Uses to advantage estaenergia so abundant it contributes for the preservation of the way ambientee still saves in its account of electric energy. Transforming aenergia into electric energy Another method solar it is the transformation of the solar energy in electric energy. This possvel for the exploitation of the incident solar energy osmateriais semiconductors, that compose the solaresfotovoltaicos panels. The fotovoltaico effect elapses of the excitement of electrons in the semiconductors in the presence of the solar rays. The fotovoltaico system capaz to transform the solar energy into electric energy and to contribute for preservation of the environment and aeconomia of electric energy. In Brazil, this method not yet so is used, had aoscustos of importation of the fotovoltaicos panels. But gradually, in elapsing of the next years it will have ummaior interest and adoption of this technology.