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August 21st, 2013

Only then you can consider yourself you get immersed in the path of the winner. To this we add other aspects such as: when you identify yourself with knowledge, relevance, importance, scope and is known to use properly when you have an autoconociomiento yourself when you have the conviction identify and handle the virtues when he lieth not, neither makes use of flattery and manipulation when you achieve results that favour to all. When is handled effectively the source of love, compassion, tolerance. When you have security and demonstrates when know manage, manage emotions without affecting us, n i affect anyone. When we identify with the potential of faith and We can handle favorably when we cultivate well our actions to collect growth and help others to find the path for where you should walk towards his victory. Worth remembering Mario Benedetti, when he gives us the importance which must be for a triumphant considering: do not surrender, even if they are on time and start again, have your fears, releasing ballast, to resume the flight. Do not give up that life is this, continue the journey, pursue your dreams, to know, to run the rubble and uncover the sky. Don’t give up, please don’t you yield, although cold burn, although fear of bite, but hide the Sun and wind, street there is still fire in your soul, still there is life in your dreams.

Look at you with love and respect and get the others see you the same way, because you’re something beautiful, joy is a ray of light that should always remain lit, illuminating all our acts. We share the above by Suryavan Solar, in his poem: winner. Do not listen to the mediocresQue you say you can not!Do not listen to the cobardesQue you they say don’t risk!Do not listen to the mezquinosQue tell you I don’t think! Do not listen to the ociososQue they tell you not to work!Or listen to the fracasadoQue tells you not to try!Just listening to the optimistQue tells you advance, you can!Just listening to the valientesQue tell you not give up!Listening to the entusiastasQue encourage and give encouragement.To the great triunfadoresQue dream with the imposibleEscucha to those who conocenEl the way of the victoriEllos built mundosImperios, Suns, Galaxiasencontraras the big tesoroMas that there is life, true freedom, consciousness of who you are a be total, without borders, without limits, without misery in summary, is that energy Alchemy, of conviction, responsibility to be successful in each of usprovided that we do not identify with this and we are not willing to achieve it. Don’t forget, is the scope, implications that generates his triumph, simply, know properly the opportunity that has been given you. Success!

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