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Executive Vice President

May 8th, 2024

It’s lousy that HidroAysen is displayed to the public as a company that delivers truthful information when its Executive Vice President, Daniel Fernandez, is able to blatantly misrepresent to an international media as the Italian RAI national history. Now, and leaving a possibility of doubt, is lying or speaking from ignorance. This was the answer the journalist of the Defense Council of the Patagonia, Patricio Segura, gave into the discussion that has been generated in the last few days regarding the tenor of the campaign of HidroAysen, which refers to Patagonia without dams would have made misleading advertising to relieve the aspects involved in the construction of five dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers. Professional referred to Enel, l dell’Acqua della Patagonia reportage tutta d a sorso (Enel, Patagonia in one gulp water) issued December 11 by the Italian television RAI News 24 (), where the Executive Vice President of HidroAysen, Daniel Fernandez, before the consultation of the Enzo Cappucci journalist on the way in which they were acquired for 5 dams water rights, verbatim answers that Endesa was a public company, and had those water rights in both public company. And when it was sold and was privatized, who bought it paid for all these rights a value that is not explicit, but that is implicit in the cost of the company. Those who know the history of the privatization of Endesa, know that such an assertion is absolutely false, given that the sale of the electrical process culminated after the plebiscite of 1988, being in hands of Jose Yuraszeck and other businessmen, some even previously public officials of Pinochet in the energy sector said Segura. On January 9, 1989 the Jose Yuraszeck Endesa joined the DGA four requirements by 3 thousand 155 cubic meters per second on the Baker and Pascua rivers, in Aysen, after which already private electric was awarded successive and free mass not consumptive rights for hydroelectric purposes: through DGA resolutions 39 and 53 of January 12, 1990, and 159 and 164 from March 1 of that year. The origin of this project comes from a negotiated at national expense, with serious harm to the State and hence to all Chileans, and even more on the backs of the citizenship of the Aysen Region, many of whose inhabitants in the basin of the Baker have serious problems to access the resource by joining this mostly HidroAysen, the society composed of Endesa and Colbun.

You lie about this, or to ignore it, is not consistent with the role of Chief Executive of a company of this magnitude. To conclude Segura wondered if the Executive Vice President of the company before the international media dares to distort history blatantly, perhaps because he knows that this issue is sensitive for the Italians to demonstrate the illegitimacy of this project’s source, will not be ready to do the same in a communication campaign?. The way in which the Chilean electric system during the regime of Augusto Pinochet was privatized is an issue which has gained force in recent days in the light of the interest of the Government of Sebastian Pinera sell the participation of the State in several health companies. Alina de Almeida insists that this is the case. The history of how he traded to private in the 80’s multiple public companies are listed in the book the sacking of economic groups to the State of Chile (2001) by the journalist Maria Olivia Monckeberg, national prize for journalism 2009. * Youtube version statement by Daniel Fernandez: original author and source of the article.

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