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District 9

October 27th, 2011
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Despite the fact that this painting criticized far and wide because of the mass of absurdities and inconsistencies, but you must admit that it's really entertaining film. Maybe not all agree with me – it's good (I hope that you express your opinion in the comments) but I have not watched the movie with such involvement. It's just a great, fresh, dynamic tale for adults! Now how this fairy tale about the area number 9 did. I'll start with history. Nile Blomkamp (screenwriter and director / f "District 9") shot in front of it (in 2005) short film 'Surviving in Johannesburg' (Alive in Joburg). Short film 'Surviving in Johannesburg' is the first step of the Nile to the future of the film 'District 9'.

Necessarily Look, if you've ever seen. This is another live example (like a short film '9 'Shane Acker) of how one idea can make a short film destiny. By the way, all the interviews that you see on 'Survive Johannesburg '- it is a real interview. Neil asked real blacks their homeland of South Africa about what they think of blacks Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Blomkamp Nigerians simply represented in the conversation as a 'foreign' who live in South Africa. Therefore, we can see in the short not actors but ordinary people. Now, about the making of the film 'District 9' Almost 90% of the budget movie out of Image Engine. The budget was initially small and almost stable until the the end of filming.

Exceeded the budget quite a bit. 90% of this amount went to the computer effects that make the company Image Engine. The studio had never worked on a full-length movie. All were very much afraid that the Image Engine not up to the task. But thanks to the tremendous knowledge about Neil Blomkamp what can be done for any money, all were happy and the developers and the audience. In / f 'District number 9' there is no digital odezhek. To a large budget surplus, it was decided abandon expensive technology cloth simulation. House of newcomers – this is the real home of poor people who recently evacuated from there. The whole town for newcomers – District number 9 – a real-life district Chiavelo, a suburb of Soweto, a suburb of Johannesburg Soweto it. There among the piles of garbage, poverty, and a barbed-wire fences lived by real people, who shortly before filming was evicted from there. Shootings were specially in winter to show the brutality areas. Since the summer there are flowers, green and so beautiful. To hide the flaws 'hack' using P-ref pass? Among many other passages in the visualization of Image Engine was also used pass P-ref. If the rough, then it is a local fixed / static coordinate system of the character (including clothes, rags, etc.) or another polygonal object. Thus, one can easily find a specific area for character and no matter where he is or what side to turn to us. These coordinates, if you wish, you can use as some kind of UV-coordinates … to stick mattes (a clearly defined area of three-dimensional object that processing technique, peynting Matt (matte painting)), textures … but with only one difference – you will need to make just one, but not hundreds of edits. Read the continuation of an even more surprising facts about the film 'District number 9'

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The Advantages

October 18th, 2011
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You can choose a swimsuit, sitting at the computer at any time, even at night. After 1-2 days the order will be delivered to your home or office. And all this you do not get up from the comfortable armchairs. Now fashion has reached and to swimsuits, making available a myriad of models of the above-mentioned goods. Also, following the latest trends in fashion, you have the opportunity to buy a swimsuit collection "Bikini 2007" through an extensive directory, which can strike even the most discerning fashionistas. But how do you choose the right swimsuit? The choice, of course, depends on the figure of a woman – not everyone can afford to wear a bikini, in fact represents a set of ropes. Besides, too much to bare one or another part of the body sometimes just is not permissible from an ethical point of view. But in any case, the main goal remains to be feminine! Many women believe that their figures have defects.

Defects are often visible only by girls. The correct choice of swimsuit will not only emphasize the advantages, but also hide some flaws. But bathing suits – is not only a fashion accessory for the demonstration of the figure, but also clothing, which you should feel confident and comfortable. However, there is a certain set of recommendations. For example, if you want to visually enhance the bust, the bodice of leotard should wallow in ryushah and the reverse side should be foam inserts in the cups. A visually lengthening legs melting leotard should be a fairly high side slits. If you feel that you have large bust, the bodice is the stays perfect option for you and any decent bikini shop has to offer to these women rather large assortment of bathing suits to meet all necessary criteria.

In the same If you have an attractive midsection, you can save the melting-bikini with the highest waist. Of course, if you do not model the waist, it can easily help hide pareos, thrown over their shoulders, knotted at hips. To reduce the hips, one part must be closed, and another – to open. But melting Laced, create the effect of ruff and looks very much effectively.


Data Processing Center

October 15th, 2011
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Ventilation panels or grills for sex, but rather for the raised floor are used to circulate the air flows in the server and data processing centers (DPC), as well as for the process of cooling of electronic equipment. Historically, that false floor or elevated floor was originally designed for server and large computer rooms. Along with them were developed vents (the panel) for the same raised floor. We extend the method of engineering solutions, when the vents put racks for immediate (spot) cooling cabinets. Ventilation panels or grids manufactured by different technologies. As a result, each type of lattice has its advantages. For example, the ventilation panels may have a raised floor coating: anti-static pvc (vinyl), carpet, laminate flooring.

Worth highlight that the ventilation panel of this type has the best quality of manufacturing, setting the load capacity is higher and the price range above. Ventilation panels with the top coating of pvc is used mainly in technical rooms with the mandatory requirements for anti-static system: server, hardware, control panels, Data Processing Center (DPC). If we take the vent steel grating with a throughput ability of 80%, this species has a top coating of steel bridges of the lattice. Basic requirements for ventilation grilles: throughput and load-carrying capacity. The average ventilation grilles may allow air Up to 80% of its area. Typically, a server and technical requirements for the premises the bandwidth from 24 to 40%. Bigger is better, but as a rule, the lattice is proportional to place on the premises in order to corridors with the air flow.

As mentioned above, the ventilation panels for the raised floor can be adjusted percentage of air flowing. Adjustment parameter (deviation) in the vent panels for the raised floor up to 10% (+ / – 5%). Parameter of the load capacity of metal vent panels (arrays) is as follows: from 500 to 1000 kg for each panel. Proceeding from this design of these vent panels, or arrays may guaranteed to withstand pressure from 1500 to 3000 kg / sq.m. That is quite enough to put expensive equipment on the ventilation panel, or grid. The main producing countries are: Germany, Poland, Italy, France, China.



October 9th, 2011
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Continuing the analogy with the graphical data, this format can be compared with the format bmp – as much information and very large sizes. One minute of audio from CD-quality format Raw pcm takes up about 10 megabytes. Even with today's hard disk drive for producers own Jukebox is a bit too much. Not surprisingly, the widespread popularity acquired audio compression format providing the coefficient compression of about 1:10 compared to Raw pcm at almost the same quality sound. These formats use compression algorithms to lossy audio. They can be compared with the graphic format jpg. Jpg file size is much smaller than similar bmp-file, but the image quality is somewhat worse (the more compression ratio – the worse the quality). Among the audio compression format with losses to date in the lead three: mp3, wma, and Ogg Vorbis.

The most popular format of course is an mp3. This format is supported by almost all software players for Windows, many players for Linux and countless hardware audio players and handheld computers. However, the mp3 is connected a problem that not everybody knows. Mp3 format patented. This means that any developer of software that uses a format mp3, must pay royalties. For this reason, many free programs that work with sound, do not support mp3. However, the authors of some of the mp3-codecs, such as lame, found a way around these restrictions, placing the responsibility on users. The same goes by many non-profit programs, including the ability to work with mp3.