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August 28th, 2013

Solar concentrators have the task to concentrate sunlight on a focal point, a heat exchanger or collector and its dimensions are 25 x 25 cm in size.Solar concentrators are the most commonly used in applications that need amount of hot water. Hubs consist of a parabolic antenna that reflect light in a small collector.This is similar to the idea of using a magnifying glass to focus light on a small area.When high temperatures are concentrated in a small area, the water can be heated very quickly and can be used for solar heating.The collector is usually dark and has special properties that account for 97% of light waves.Inside the absorber has a piping system that is filled with a medium of transfer of heat (usually water with antifreeze).Water is heated by the concentrated light and then fed to the hot water tanks.A heat exchanger is installed in the construction and be It is used to separate cold water from the hot water. water flows go through a second pipeline again to the manifold, while the heated water goes to hot water tanks.The heat exchanger comes in very small sizes.In the majority of cases, however, a heat exchanger can be connected to 3 hubs SolarBeam if necessary flow is d 4 litres / minute.If the required flow is highest requires a larger heat exchanger. Best solar concentrators are those who achieve efficiencies of 85% and water can be elevated to 90 degrees Celsius.SolarBeam uses an appropriate material for your collector to ensure the capacity of absorption of high light and low thermal emission.Spectral layers most selective have a 90% – 95% absorption rate and a rate of emission of 5-15%. Efficiency is influenced by the design of the collector: the optical losses describe the proportion of irradiation solar power that can not be absorbed by the absorber.In the case of solar concentrators, the shape of the parabolic curve is essential to ensure that all light is reflected in the 25 x 25 cm of the collector.If the form is not perfect then decreases efficiency because some of the lights are reflected in areas outside the manifold. Also heat losses depend on the temperature difference between the absorber and the outside air, by sunstroke and in the construction of the collector.For flat panels, requires increasing the outside air, the increase of heat reduces losses and efficiency. Solar concentrators have the advantage that does not lose effectiveness even when the ambient temperature is drastically different.

To store hot water tanks can be of stainless steel, steel with enamel coating or plastic or copper.Stainless steel is more sensitive to water with a chloride content. Tanks must be fitted with a magnesium or external galvanic anode to prevent corrosion.Best storage tanks are made of copper. The advantages of copper are their lightness and ease of manufacture in different sizes.


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