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Thinfilm Solar Modules

April 26th, 2014
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3D-Micromac brings innovative production system on the market of Chemnitz, 29 may 2013. In June, the 3D-Micromac AG of Chemnitz brings the world’s first machine concept on the market that combines all structuring stages to the integrated series connection with thin-film modules on a platform and in one production step. The new one-stop-patterning method (OSP) structured modules only if all functional layers on the substrate are deposited. This considerably simplifies the production process. Also avoid inaccuracies caused by the calibration and alignment of substrates on different tables, thereby increasing the efficiency by up to 0.8 percentage points. So far, thin-film modules were competitive advantage for thin film manufacturer after each coating step with a laser or a mechanical unit structure, which led to extensive cleaning steps, extended lead times and efficiency losses.

Between the coating and structuring steps modules had several times in the vacuum one and again removed be. 200 To 400 microns wide dead zones caused by inaccuracies”, which were not usable for power generation. The OSP process minimizes these areas, however, to less than 100 microns, simplifies the manufacturing process and increases the efficiency. Our process is a crucial step forward for the entire industry of thin film and shortened the distance to the crystalline competition”, explains 3D-Micromac-Geschaftsfuhrer Tino Petsch. Because the upstream process chain is significantly simplified, entirely new machine concepts are possible. Thus the OSP process is paving the way for innovative and fully integrated production lines.” In the production, 3D-Micromac reverts to a combined procedure of laser – and typography.

The company successfully used it for years in other fields of application. No matter whether from amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride or CIGS the OSP system can be fully integrated into any existing production line and works on all popular formats up to 1,10 x 1.30 Meters. About the 3D-Micromac AG, the 3D-Micromac AG has established itself since its founding in 2002 as one of the leading providers of high-efficient laser micro processing systems as well as innovative coating and printing technologies in the international market. Whether as a stand alone system or as a complete production lines come the plants of 3D-Micromac, for example, in medical technology, the semiconductor industry, in the photovoltaic industry or also in the manufacture of flexible electronic components used. There is also the 3D-Micromac of its customers as a competent partner for the development of new technologies and processes, or custom systems available. More information about the company and its products:

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New Storage Solution

April 8th, 2014
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Photovoltaic wholesaler Energiebau launches energy storage RWE HomePower solar Cologne, 23.11.2012 – the new energy storage solution RWE solar is HomePower spring 2013 exclusively at the Cologne energy solar power systems GmbH available. The energy provider RWE efficiency GmbH of the RWE energy group and the battery manufacturer VARTA storage GmbH have together the lithium-ion battery storage specifically for home users and small businesses developed. In addition to the nationwide distribution of skilled craftsmen and installers, energy construction for the product training is responsible. Long life, high reliability of storage for RWE HomePower solar based on the ENGION energy storage product line of the German VARTA battery technology leader and comes in sizes between 4.6 and 13.8 kilowatt hours on the market. The memory cells are characterized by a life of up to 20 years and a discharge depth of 90 percent. With the new storage solution is a solar power self consumption by 60 percent and more realize. Thanks to the modular design can be retroactively changing needs adapt to the system.

The system RWE SmartHome, which sells Energiebau solar as a package with the memory of RWE HomePower provides energy management. Partner for logistics and energy construction specialist demonstrates high competence, offers professional customer support and maintains long-standing relationships in the field of photovoltaics. That makes the perfect logistics partner for our new product”the company, Bjorn Gropengiesser, head of distributed generation in RWE said efficiency on 23 November on the memory theme day for plumbers in energy construction in Cologne. There, Energiebau has presented the product and given an overview of the current market and technology trends in the solar power storage solutions. Energy construction wants to offer its customers only high quality, reliable and innovative products from leading manufacturers. Therefore we add to our portfolio with a product that is with RWE HomePower solar storage and Leader qualities “, said energy construction managing director Rene Medawar to the cooperation of the companies. Technical data: type of installation: stand mounting energy: from 4.6 discharge depth kWh kWh expandable up to 13.8: 90% battery inverter power: 4 kW power supply and performance measurement: three-phase life: > 6,000 cycles (at 250 cycles per year) system design: > 20 years interfaces: Ethernet; from 2013 RWE SmartHome monitoring security: comprehensive, redundant security mechanism and electronics, fireproof enclosure, as well as independent shutdown dimensions: H: 1850 mm B: 600 mm t: 400 mm above the energy solar power systems GmbH numerous additional services offer customers direct competitive advantages. : Projects worldwide Energiebau solar power systems to the power supply and own power use: for residential and commercial roofs, autonomous systems and open spaces.

Energy construction has a long-standing expertise in the rural electrification on the African continent. The founder and Energy construction, Michael Schafer, Managing Director is actively involved as a Board member of the German solar industry BSW Association. Year of Foundation: 1983 headquarters: Cologne, Germany Managing Director: Dipl.-ing. Michael Schafer, Rene Medawar subsidiaries: United States, France, Italy, Benelux States, Ghana Awards: Roy family Award (Harvard University 2007); iF design award (International Forum 2011); German solar Prize (euro solar 2011)

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Prefabricated Houses

April 1st, 2014
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A prefabricated house without “Plastic bag” or “Breathing machine” is using the House-possible in principle of the House. The company bio-solar house of St. Alban / Rhineland-Palatinate shows how it’s done. A House does not necessarily is a house where already wallpaper, tiles or sanitary objects done at panels mounted on the construction site are supplied. Advantage of this construction is that the individual carrying scaffolding elements already at a qualified wood construction can be produced before and thus significantly reduces the development time.

Of course, a prefabricated house by bio-solar house is one from many houses of types of: each House is individually planned and can be optimally aligned to the own needs. Also the stage can be chosen freely and individually agreed that initially only the supporting structure is “ready”. The term “Prefab” is a partially negative image from the past. Simple, clean design, poor insulation and poor summer thermal insulation was said to him. Although in inexpensive prefabricated houses these prejudices rightly still exist the bio-solar house as a prefab House but significantly this differs: in addition to high-quality, untreated wood, as well as high-quality and efficient thermal insulation of soft wood-fiber and cellulose which reached “House – in-house” U-values, including air space and outer sheath of 0.09 W / m K and has a heating energy consumption between 10-25 kWh / m a.

The solidity of real estate and prefabricated houses in the next few years, will be more and more of the total energy demand. An argument, what for a prefabricated house for the home-speaks in the House – design! Air – and steam-proof as this build the trend in the House with a “plastic bag” and to “ventilate” ventilation machine more and more builders are critical. Conventional, single-layer construction facing extreme heat insulation a dilemma: is the thermal insulation must be well built steam-proof and the ventilation system is almost “a must”. Is that Thermal insulation can be omitted less well on them. Through the protected House-the House principle the company bio-solar house can be dispensed with both: A well insulated, vapour diffusion Open House is in an air space and a partially glazed Aussenhaus, which is heated by the Sun and diffuse light. The water vapor produced in each House can leave the Interior house through the warm layer of air as dry gas the House thereby naturally without to condense it. More information about the exact functioning and the prefabricated house program, refer to the company’s Web site. In the sunny Park St.Alban, the pattern home park for bio-solar houses, offers the company a total 6 the per-dwelling houses.

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