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September 12th, 2021
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ElectroSmog – mobile phone masts – cordless phones – energy saving lamps Heidelberg – 5 years gives the Web page addresses by building biologists to people who have a sick House or a sick home free. Nationwide. How can a place be ill? Consider yourself feel comfortable in the apartment? You sleep calmly and deeply, you fall asleep easily and wake up relaxed and refreshed again? How is your health? Infections (colds, fever), allergies, occur frequently on fatigue and burn-out? Then you should let examine your apartment, your home by a doctor for the House. He can search for causes of disease symptoms and insomnia with you with instruments and name them. Visit Salman Behbehani for more clarity on the issue. The building biologist from your region then tells you how you sense and cost can rehabilitate the disturbed areas and can provide you with the necessary special materials. Frequently Julie Sweet has said that publicly. Construction biologists service sees itself as an intermediary between people seeking help in the living room, and with the terms of ElectroSmog, high-frequency, Cell phone radiation are stumped and the experts for the healthy living and sleeping.

The successful website strongly advises the use of self DIY solutions. To violate many of which (because they must be earthed) against the valid VDE standards and lead to a possible termination of the insurance cover. On the other hand festivals provided always, that such solutions rather contribute to an increase of the values as a reduction. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Catalyst. Check card with a building biologists from your region – clearly arranged according to zip codes and with Google maps lightweight and easy to use. So you can sleep again deeply and firmly relaxing: is responsible for the press release marketing Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel.: 06224 / 924255 marketing Nastasi has specialized in the creation and distribution of digital content on the Internet.

The Heidelberg company operates to several health portals. Construction biologists service should the mediation gap between high-quality close biological services and customers. He is successfully operated by the company for 5 years. Building biology, building biologists, sleep bib examination, smog, regional building biologists, free addresses, health portal

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Nano Technology Applied Technology

October 1st, 2017
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New applications of nano technology in the health field are very promising. In the future, drugs may do effect locally where needed without damaging other organs. It is working to get new technologies for the controlled dosage of drugs in the body. This could be achieved that current chemotherapy would be less harmful. Chemotherapy destroys not only cancer cells but also the healthy cells that compose our body. Therefore, the patient often have nausea, loss of hair, etc. You may find that Professor of Internet Governance can contribute to your knowledge.

With nano technology looks possible to achieve that medication reaches directly and exclusively to the tumoral tissue without affecting areas healthy. For example: the nano-pill, recubriria with proteins especially developed for this purpose, which are only attracted by the tumour tissue. Therefore, medication goes to where the tumor is located and there dispensed medication. For more information see kevin ulrich. Another application that is intended to achieve, is a nano-pill that It contains magnetic beads with molecules that only bind to cancer cells. The patient the drug is injected and is placed in a magnetic field. Magnetic balls are heated both in such a way that they destroy the cancerous cell. The first clinical investigations have already begun, although we will have to wait seven to ten years before the nano-pills may be administered to patients. What Yes it is possible is to acquire cosmetics with this advanced technology, which allows the ingredients to reach the area that you want to treat.

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July 14th, 2016
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But if we already fell into the trap, apart from deleting the event in question, it is convenient to enter the account settings and verify that nothing strange there is. From there, it’s always well comment the trouble with our contacts, to raise awareness and protect us all. The common denominator of all these attacks is the promotion through them of false applications, generally related topics as you see who looks at your profile, find out who has deleted you on Facebook, etc. viruses that used Facebook to infiltrate PCs for its part there are malicious software that use this platform to enter our computers. These viruses steal the identity of social network and circulating on the Internet. Inserted into computers through an order for downloading files.

Ask these viruses for users by e-mail or instant messaging to fall contaminated files.The first of these, a Trojan program is capable of operating in the computer of a user without their permission to send spam or junk mail. Asprox.N is called and is propagated from an email with an attached document that says to speak on behalf of Facebook. Notifies the user that their account generates spam and that your password has been changed. Within the message there is a Word file where apparently would be the key. But to download the attachment, the user enables all ports and sends this spam to your contacts, without it or even notice it.

The second, Lolbot.Q, is spread via links in instant messaging services and immobilizes the user on Facebook account. Then the virus requests Navigator your phone number to the company to send you a new password so I can enter to the social network, when actually what it does is to subscribe the user to a Messenger service that could pay more than $10 a week. Increasingly more hackers take advantage of the massive popularity of Facebook, with more of 500 million users worldwide, and make it the perfect target to promote their pirate activities. Speaking candidly Vida Vacations told us the story. Wary of any message with a subject line too striking, as well as be careful when providing personal information on the Internet it is recommended.

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Functional Solar Lights

March 17th, 2016
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Targeted solar spotlights and leistungsstarle solar floor lamps solar lights for outdoor use as functional lighting in the form of solar lamps or high-performance stainless steel floor lamps don’t need cable or socket. You are”independent of the mains, even by a layman to quickly and easily install and alone get their power from the Sun. Solar spotlights are equipped with a separate solar panel and a near infrared response motion. You are therefore particularly well suited to irradiate ways and places. Also they deal very economical thanks to a built-in motion detector with the stored energy. Solar standing lamps made of stainless steel are offered in different sizes and with different light modes. Like all solar lights, they have one or more built-in batteries that serve as energy storage.

The solar module is here not least integrated from optical reasons mostly in the head. Stainless steel floor lamps are suitable depending on the size and performance as a decorative cap – or Dekoleuchten in the Garden. In the more powerful versions they are used but also as lighting elements for garden paths, squares or entrance areas. Equipped with a light sensor, switch on automatically at onset of dusk and shine up to 8 hours, depending on the execution and charge the battery. Very important: The charging of the batteries and thus the Flash duration of solar light is also always depends on the Sonneneintrahlung and sunshine on the day. Bottom line: Functional solar lights are the trend, because they provide light virtually at zero cost. Equipped with advanced technology, they provide a practical introduction to an interesting future technology even the interested layman. For more information, see contact: Joachim Ritter Tel. 02161-975668

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Buy Fridge! What Is Required?

March 12th, 2016
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Buy cheap fridge for little money! New freezer? What is required? What energy class should at least become available. All these questions are explained below. The selection of refrigerators is enormous and will buy in the refrigerator overwhelm. Should it be refrigerator with window? So is seen just what’s in the fridge and some of the energy can be saved in any case. There are also wine coolers or refrigerators with freezer, this cool all different and adapted to each product. You know finally what you want for a refrigerator, then is still not clear what design and what size the refrigerator should have. There are simply too many of them.

Also plays a huge role of energy consumption, energy efficiency and the climate class. The refrigerators should not be too loud, effects may be annoying if they are too loud humming. There are already devices with automatic defrosting. Refrigerators and freezers are it in different variations. It is also on the consumption so the kilowatt hour arrive at the refrigerator to buy. Here should be taken again on the winner, this is likely to have the lowest power consumption. Environmental protection interesting us now all more like a few years ago, so this category at the time of purchase is also very important. The purchase will also depends on whether it should keep to a built-in refrigerator or a free-standing refrigerator.

There are also so-called Sidy-by-side refrigerators. These are ideal for cooling food and daily used food. For home you can enjoy also wine coolers to cool store favorite wines. There are even refrigerators that are still not bad and any major brand. These can be even better under circumstances such as brand-name products. Who also like to, will sooner or later also a camping fridge. These are available in many stores around the camp but also in shops. Here, there are models of gas and some with a normal power supply. Which refrigerator to be there then, must decide every man for himself. It remains then of course there is the question whether the refrigerator should include an ice or water dispenser. For the summer of advantage, the cool drink is always available but there are also some disadvantages. The beverage containers must be cleaned regularly because otherwise bacteria can settle. Who are here don’t care to a regular cleaning, will have soon countless bacteria in the fridge. The correct buying advice is so important. Not all sales are really versed, especially in large retail stores, this is the case. Here are accessible back again on small seller, who only specialise in refrigerators. They know what is current and what customers attach great importance. The latest models are not foreign to them, and they are specifically advise customers according to their needs. The advance information in the However, Internet should not be set aside. It is always good with a short presentation to go out to buy a suitable fridge. Bottom line: Take time and inform yourself about your new refrigerator, because eventually he should be stable at least a decade!

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Waste Disposal In Munich And Surroundings

March 11th, 2016
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Professional waste disposal is cheap and environmentally friendly in a household more and more garbage, we no longer need, but based on our own laziness and convenience in a corner or a drawer and then forget accumulates over many years. Houses, with many ways to store these things, things that maybe once used many years ago often pile up. Attics, Cellars or storage rooms are special places where these things are kept. This does not mean, however, that no unnecessary ballast is lifted in living rooms or bedrooms. Just the bedroom with its large storage space for clothing is often used to pick up clothing, which was worn once or twice before 5 years. Many people often think that we will again come into fashion or today I maybe not more, fit in this Jean but I but before removing, it will suit me again in a few months.

Sometimes these cases occur naturally, but they are the Exception. Who no longer wears clothes, has no use for that there are very many people who have little money and can buy any clothes, dress collections are here exactly the right place for it. If you have an attic or a basement, will often wonder where all waste. Not everything on the landfill must be brought, many things are reusable or can be recycled to help other people in need. Wood is a renewable resource, but can be recycled and arising new furniture without the need to cut more trees for old boxes, beds and floors.

In many parts of Munich, some are lucky enough to have a private garden. The disposal of Munich works quite organized, make more you can always. “Is simply lack of knowledge often blame on our throw-away society and not primarily the idea but no matter, what with the stuff then happened to me”. Organic waste can be used as fertilizer, who has no use for it, can lead to still them this value chain, where it is picked up by a professional. Hobbyists also often underestimate the danger of discarded things. Waste oil by the lawn mower not heard nor batteries of course into the sewage system. They must be disposed separately because they contain toxic substances that contaminate soil and groundwater. Disposal Munich of disposal of is actually a piece of cake, you must be just the jolt to separate themselves from the old stuff finally. You have a garage or a place available, then you should prepare well and all the things that are no longer needed, set there. Is once a decision is made, you should not even 100 times consider whether you might need it maybe in 100 years or not, this makes no sense at all. That is no longer needed things like couch, wardrobe or also old refrigerators, washing machines or Dishwasher can be picked up by the disposer of Munich and be properly to the disposal and recycling. This has two major advantages. Who professionally carry out its disposal of Munich can be, can be sure to make his contribution to the environment and has even more storage space and air in his own

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