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Functional Solar Lights

March 17th, 2016

Targeted solar spotlights and leistungsstarle solar floor lamps solar lights for outdoor use as functional lighting in the form of solar lamps or high-performance stainless steel floor lamps don’t need cable or socket. You are”independent of the mains, even by a layman to quickly and easily install and alone get their power from the Sun. Solar spotlights are equipped with a separate solar panel and a near infrared response motion. You are therefore particularly well suited to irradiate ways and places. Also they deal very economical thanks to a built-in motion detector with the stored energy. Solar standing lamps made of stainless steel are offered in different sizes and with different light modes. Like all solar lights, they have one or more built-in batteries that serve as energy storage.

The solar module is here not least integrated from optical reasons mostly in the head. Stainless steel floor lamps are suitable depending on the size and performance as a decorative cap – or Dekoleuchten in the Garden. In the more powerful versions they are used but also as lighting elements for garden paths, squares or entrance areas. Equipped with a light sensor, switch on automatically at onset of dusk and shine up to 8 hours, depending on the execution and charge the battery. Very important: The charging of the batteries and thus the Flash duration of solar light is also always depends on the Sonneneintrahlung and sunshine on the day. Bottom line: Functional solar lights are the trend, because they provide light virtually at zero cost. Equipped with advanced technology, they provide a practical introduction to an interesting future technology even the interested layman. For more information, see contact: Joachim Ritter SolarLichtLaden.de Tel. 02161-975668

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