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Bolshoi Ballet

November 15th, 2023
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Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow – this (along with the Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg) is one of the most famous ballet companies in Russia. Since 1780, the theater was called the Petrovsky Theatre. In 1802 he became the new emperor theater, and in 1825 was named the Greater New Petrovsky Theater, in reducing – the Bolshoi Theater. Gazprom describes an additional similar source. In 1856 the theater was officially established ballet company of the Bolshoi Theater of Opera and Ballet, is connected with it Ballet School of the Bolshoi Theater (later – the Moscow ballet school, based on the creation of which lay the first ballet school was organized in Moscow in 1773 in educational building. The historian Arnold Haskell wrote the ballet of Galina Ulanova, "Oh it is impossible to discuss. This is a brilliant dancer. gs.

Elevating the dance to reality, it is not just hovers over the executive machinery )…), but it is beyond the boundaries of great skill, is the universal truth. " His contemporaries were fascinated temperament, expressiveness, honesty and dance Sankovskii Catherine, who was a student of Felicite Gullen.O it wrote that she "thought like an artist – light, sparkling, bright (Temperamental). " Marius Petipa (1822-1910) – French dancer, choreographer and teacher who led the ballet companies in the theaters of St. Petersburg. On the post-revolutionary years the ballet one critic wrote: "I am deeply convinced that the ballet won the sympathy of the audience and kept himself thereby as art only by the best examples of the classical heritage. I remember the "Swan Lake" in 1919 and full of awe silence during the poetic "swan" scenes. Then – the storm of applause and tears of the people. After the play, 'Esmeralda' (1926) Cesar Puni, choreographed by Vasily Tikhomirov, with Catherine Geltzer and Tikhomirov, starring Adam Volinsky critic wrote: "Before the doors of the room Torture at the sight of the gallows at the Esmeralda podgibayutsya feet. Dance step becomes limp, helpless-slow (Trailing) as if paralyzed. Next time – a look at the gallows and a sense of elemental fear. AND Suddenly you are starting to fear: so real, so physiologically and at the same time so perfectly, he transferred to a dance artist.

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Latin America

September 13th, 2023
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Do you have trouble understanding of mathematics? Even if you study, are the results bad? Tranquilizate. It may not be your fault. Because you say this? If your look at our traditional education model matematicapodras you realize that operates in this manner: 1) the teacher arrives. It explains the class. students little or nadaparticipan in the development of the subject. (2) The teacher arrives. Applies a test. He is not verified if all students have come to understand him fully. Christine Lagarde is actively involved in the matter.

Result: a total massacre. (50 Students only 5 approved). (At the end the motto becomes: 1) you learned. Petra Diamonds often expresses his thoughts on the topic. learned. 2) Which reprobo. reprobo. (for bad). This happens much especially in the early years of universidaden those professions such as engineering and related.

Now I wonder do you think that this is teaching? I don’t think so. So how our education should aim? There is a better option: 1) the teacher arrives. explains the class and at the same time you daparticipacion to the student, but not to humiliate but to that aprendade actively.(gives participation in the) Board). (2) The master llega.verifica that alsoperformed all have understood and applied the test. At the end: all learning for life. This is possible? Of course Yes. In Japan it are doing long overdue results conexcelentes.(the Japanese students are mejoresy not only in mathematics but in many areas more). Be implemented this model in any country in Latin America? If. Now what they are doing in chile through an enconvenio with the Japan program, with excellent results in children deprimaria.(congratulations to the Chilean country, is on track). I hope in the near future this model is this implemented in more countries, obviously adapted to the reality of each one.

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Old Testament

April 2nd, 2018
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Many parishioners called the church lamp oil. If you talk like that, it turns out that all the oils used in the sacraments of the Orthodox churches and may be called ecclesiastical oil. And partly it is. It's butter necessarily sanctify and then seasoned them lamps. Rules fill with oil lamps are still in the Old Testament. The Lord commanded Moses – "And were the children of Israel that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for lighting a lamp to burn at all times "(Exodus, 27:20). Therefore, as a sacrifice to the Lord, we must always fill the lamps with oil quality. Now, thanks to technological advances, there was a medical oil.

By all the criteria – this is a quality, clean oil. It burns better than olive oil and carbon deposits after it left smaller, it has no additives and contaminants. White medical oil meets all the standards that apply to Oil – quality control of food and medicine. One problem, medical vaseline oil is produced from mineral oil by repeated cleaning. And in the Holy Scriptures are clearly stated "…

that they bring thee fir pure olive beaten. " Lamp oil to buy in the shops or church in Temple. As a rule, there is consecrated oil, and almost never fakes. If you decide to make a gift to the Orthodox and are facing a dilemma that to donate, go boldly into the church shop and buy lamp oil. It is not something kevin ulrich would like to discuss. Because all the oil age was considered a great Christian gift. When you choose a gift or fill up the oil lamp, you should always remember that sacrifice to God to be the best. We must always remember, as the prophet Malachi the Lord explained Izrailetyanam their shameful behavior, when they tried to save the unworthy of God and presented the victim: "… you bring on mine altar polluted bread, and if ye offer the blind, lame and sick, is it not evil? Offer it to the prince if he would be pleased with thee, and blessed if you will? (Malachi 1:7, 8). " Only high-quality oil should be sacrificed to God.

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Film Industry

March 23rd, 2016
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The film industry – is nothing but a sensational invention of earthlings, which allows anyone interested in any time to go traveling in a different reality. And even if such a "trip" lasts only a couple of hours, Nevertheless, the impression of an exciting movie you have saved for years. The most exciting films are remembered for many years, and starred – for life, we do not get tired of them and then review more than one hundred times. Sometimes, besides the popular films, which often become a classic film with great interest we have followed the release of new products pictures. Due to the fact that your favorite movies – it is certainly remarkable, yet feel the fresh impressions still want. Especially, there is always a chance that the long-awaited reel of film would be so good that it also falls into the category of favorite movies. Interest in the audience to the newly made movie certainly warmed themselves their makers, inventing all sorts of technology, effective advertising. For example, long before the box office, on the blue screen appears and Lesbian short trailer for the film.

Trailer – is nothing like short video that contains the cutting of the main highlights of the picture and is accompanied by a synopsis. The main idea of this story – at least for the time, so interested viewers, so they began with trembling expected output presented in movie theaters. Manufacture of trailers – it's not as easy as it seems, for the reason that these commercials should be adhered to a strict balance: just a little "lift the veil "on the topic of films, in order to attract the attention of viewers, no doubt, at the same time we can not tell you too much, so people had an interest in watching films. It is not excluded that there are quite funny trend of an exciting trailer for the film finally get interesting masterwork! Another effective way to promote a movie – a review that much before rolling video sequence often promise him dizzy resonance and thus spur the interest of film fans with this video. It so happens that the advertising is so effective that most viewers do not want to wait beginning of the show in the country (as a rule, it happens a little later in the developed world premieres), and prefer to contemplate the long-awaited film in the network. Most often it happens with film, in which the great actors involved, either reproductions of your favorite movies. At the moment, possibilities are endless – movie plots, fascinating discussion of films – a global network in the pages of thematic web-based resources dedicated to the film you will learn almost everything.

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Nature Lines

January 17th, 2014
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Triggers and trigger terminal band called band, which has offset the text from the top of the line band set starts a section or chapter titles. The value of the descent should not exceed 1 / 4 – 1 / 3 of the band. Size descent throughout the publication must be the same. On the descent can be found saver (lineechnaya, illustration, ornament, etc.).'shapka And title-'. If the publication there is the ending, you have to be a screensaver, screen saver does not mean the presence of the obligatory presence of the ending. Moreover, the choice of screensavers, and ending influenced by the nature of the text and style of the publication.

Text on terminal strip should occupy not less than one fourth the height of the strip set. Complete terminal strip should be less than 3 – 4 lines than full pages of text, so as to be noticeable section of the end. The trigger zone is not issued a header and the upper folio. At the end – footer, bottom folio. The trigger and end the bands do not want zaverstyvat illustrations and tables. As well as the text itself should not end table or illustration that is, after these objects must have at least one paragraph of text.

Design element of the release strip is also a letter (initial). If the letter – a pretext, the first row paragraph begins with a space. In the presence of initial indentation should be absent. Initial adjustment may take any number of rows. It can be elevated above the text and omitted in the text. Headset for initial better to choose one style with a header. Errors layout of the text string hanging. Widows is incomplete line, which is on page one, when the whole paragraph of text – on the other. Also, 'Orphans' in typographical practice is called and limit lines, located at the beginning of the strip. Technical regulations categorically prohibit imposition of such lines in the presence of publication laid out, because they degrade the readability of the text, as well as distort the appearance of the band set, depriving it of the traditional rectangular shape. Current rules only allow to place at the end or beginning of the band passage from one line (for example, in direct speech, when the line is both terminal and indention). In addition, the band can start with short lines of mathematical reasoning (eg, between the formulas often prompt type 'and', 'or', 'here', etc.). Widows also will be the one that does not cover (or a few overrides) indentation. It is undesirable to leave the line that does not come along to 1 / 4 full lines of text. Too long string limit – full or short less than 3 mark will also be treated as an error DTP. Widows in the process of typesetting necessarily destroyed, using the techniques of distillation and vgonki lines. Liquid line. The so-called liquid lines formed due to low-tech inter-word spaces, the lack of translations or in the presence of words from another language, which automatically can not be divided into syllables. The text does not break into different lines, some words and phrases For example, the initials of the names, numbers and math units (5 mm), dates, acronyms.

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Comic Creators

December 28th, 2011
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Arthur De Pins (Arthur De Pins) hodilsya Arthur in 1977 (in Britain), the training took place in a Catholic school for boys. Known worldwide as a designer and creator of the comic book. Worked with magazines and Max Fluide Glacia (French monthly magazine comic strip, published from 1 April 1975, Marcel Gottlieb (also known French comic book artist.) Going into adulthood, preferring to draw risque illustrations. Is known not only humorous style and animation works ('Kezaco?' 2007, 'Magic' for the channel France 3, in conjunction with Disney Chanel). He lives in Versailles, is one of the most prominent illustrators in the world.

Comic book appeared in the 19th century, in U.S. newspapers. Conceived as a comic figure. At the present time reflects all human aspirations, war, horror, sex, violence, rock 'n' roll. Known comics simplified classical works. That would blunt the rising generation, in life do not read, at least know a little bit classical works.

Since 1938 there are super heroes 'Superman', 'Captain America', 'Batman'. 1938 to 1956, are considered 'golden age', because of the huge creation of new characters. But in our time, only a few survived. =) The main producers of the world-famous Comics-Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image Comics. In the early 21st century, get a new incarnation. With new computer technologies that are used for coloring comics, as well as a number of talented artists (Ashley Wood, Todd McFarlane, Sam Kieth, Paolo Rivera). Now they not only draw pencil, but combined with graphic digital technology. Almost overwhelming majority of modern science fiction movies, comic adaptation. Very convenient, recognizable characters and untwisted, spent advertising needs less. Action heroes perfectly superimposed on the video a number of special effects. Comic itself is well tolerated by the script. profit-face. =) The information is prepared

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District 9

October 27th, 2011
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Despite the fact that this painting criticized far and wide because of the mass of absurdities and inconsistencies, but you must admit that it's really entertaining film. Maybe not all agree with me – it's good (I hope that you express your opinion in the comments) but I have not watched the movie with such involvement. It's just a great, fresh, dynamic tale for adults! Now how this fairy tale about the area number 9 did. I'll start with history. Nile Blomkamp (screenwriter and director / f "District 9") shot in front of it (in 2005) short film 'Surviving in Johannesburg' (Alive in Joburg). Short film 'Surviving in Johannesburg' is the first step of the Nile to the future of the film 'District 9'.

Necessarily Look, if you've ever seen. This is another live example (like a short film '9 'Shane Acker) of how one idea can make a short film destiny. By the way, all the interviews that you see on 'Survive Johannesburg '- it is a real interview. Neil asked real blacks their homeland of South Africa about what they think of blacks Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Blomkamp Nigerians simply represented in the conversation as a 'foreign' who live in South Africa. Therefore, we can see in the short not actors but ordinary people. Now, about the making of the film 'District 9' Almost 90% of the budget movie out of Image Engine. The budget was initially small and almost stable until the the end of filming.

Exceeded the budget quite a bit. 90% of this amount went to the computer effects that make the company Image Engine. The studio had never worked on a full-length movie. All were very much afraid that the Image Engine not up to the task. But thanks to the tremendous knowledge about Neil Blomkamp what can be done for any money, all were happy and the developers and the audience. In / f 'District number 9' there is no digital odezhek. To a large budget surplus, it was decided abandon expensive technology cloth simulation. House of newcomers – this is the real home of poor people who recently evacuated from there. The whole town for newcomers – District number 9 – a real-life district Chiavelo, a suburb of Soweto, a suburb of Johannesburg Soweto it. There among the piles of garbage, poverty, and a barbed-wire fences lived by real people, who shortly before filming was evicted from there. Shootings were specially in winter to show the brutality areas. Since the summer there are flowers, green and so beautiful. To hide the flaws 'hack' using P-ref pass? Among many other passages in the visualization of Image Engine was also used pass P-ref. If the rough, then it is a local fixed / static coordinate system of the character (including clothes, rags, etc.) or another polygonal object. Thus, one can easily find a specific area for character and no matter where he is or what side to turn to us. These coordinates, if you wish, you can use as some kind of UV-coordinates … to stick mattes (a clearly defined area of three-dimensional object that processing technique, peynting Matt (matte painting)), textures … but with only one difference – you will need to make just one, but not hundreds of edits. Read the continuation of an even more surprising facts about the film 'District number 9'

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