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Comic Creators

December 28th, 2011
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Arthur De Pins (Arthur De Pins) hodilsya Arthur in 1977 (in Britain), the training took place in a Catholic school for boys. Known worldwide as a designer and creator of the comic book. Worked with magazines and Max Fluide Glacia (French monthly magazine comic strip, published from 1 April 1975, Marcel Gottlieb (also known French comic book artist.) Going into adulthood, preferring to draw risque illustrations. Is known not only humorous style and animation works ('Kezaco?' 2007, 'Magic' for the channel France 3, in conjunction with Disney Chanel). He lives in Versailles, is one of the most prominent illustrators in the world.

Comic book appeared in the 19th century, in U.S. newspapers. Conceived as a comic figure. At the present time reflects all human aspirations, war, horror, sex, violence, rock 'n' roll. Known comics simplified classical works. That would blunt the rising generation, in life do not read, at least know a little bit classical works.

Since 1938 there are super heroes 'Superman', 'Captain America', 'Batman'. 1938 to 1956, are considered 'golden age', because of the huge creation of new characters. But in our time, only a few survived. =) The main producers of the world-famous Comics-Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image Comics. In the early 21st century, get a new incarnation. With new computer technologies that are used for coloring comics, as well as a number of talented artists (Ashley Wood, Todd McFarlane, Sam Kieth, Paolo Rivera). Now they not only draw pencil, but combined with graphic digital technology. Almost overwhelming majority of modern science fiction movies, comic adaptation. Very convenient, recognizable characters and untwisted, spent advertising needs less. Action heroes perfectly superimposed on the video a number of special effects. Comic itself is well tolerated by the script. profit-face. =) The information is prepared

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