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Nature Lines

January 17th, 2014

Triggers and trigger terminal band called band, which has offset the text from the top of the line band set starts a section or chapter titles. The value of the descent should not exceed 1 / 4 – 1 / 3 of the band. Size descent throughout the publication must be the same. On the descent can be found saver (lineechnaya, illustration, ornament, etc.).'shapka And title-'. If the publication there is the ending, you have to be a screensaver, screen saver does not mean the presence of the obligatory presence of the ending. Moreover, the choice of screensavers, and ending influenced by the nature of the text and style of the publication.

Text on terminal strip should occupy not less than one fourth the height of the strip set. Complete terminal strip should be less than 3 – 4 lines than full pages of text, so as to be noticeable section of the end. The trigger zone is not issued a header and the upper folio. At the end – footer, bottom folio. The trigger and end the bands do not want zaverstyvat illustrations and tables. As well as the text itself should not end table or illustration that is, after these objects must have at least one paragraph of text.

Design element of the release strip is also a letter (initial). If the letter – a pretext, the first row paragraph begins with a space. In the presence of initial indentation should be absent. Initial adjustment may take any number of rows. It can be elevated above the text and omitted in the text. Headset for initial better to choose one style with a header. Errors layout of the text string hanging. Widows is incomplete line, which is on page one, when the whole paragraph of text – on the other. Also, 'Orphans' in typographical practice is called and limit lines, located at the beginning of the strip. Technical regulations categorically prohibit imposition of such lines in the presence of publication laid out, because they degrade the readability of the text, as well as distort the appearance of the band set, depriving it of the traditional rectangular shape. Current rules only allow to place at the end or beginning of the band passage from one line (for example, in direct speech, when the line is both terminal and indention). In addition, the band can start with short lines of mathematical reasoning (eg, between the formulas often prompt type 'and', 'or', 'here', etc.). Widows also will be the one that does not cover (or a few overrides) indentation. It is undesirable to leave the line that does not come along to 1 / 4 full lines of text. Too long string limit – full or short less than 3 mark will also be treated as an error DTP. Widows in the process of typesetting necessarily destroyed, using the techniques of distillation and vgonki lines. Liquid line. The so-called liquid lines formed due to low-tech inter-word spaces, the lack of translations or in the presence of words from another language, which automatically can not be divided into syllables. The text does not break into different lines, some words and phrases For example, the initials of the names, numbers and math units (5 mm), dates, acronyms.

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