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Saint Gobain

December 19th, 2012

– Mari It stows thinking. if we changed the mirror of place? – To move! But why? In addition, it is so great that both we would be with the arrebentada column! – He is that it is well in the front of the door that communicates this room with the room to the side. – Bobagem! Who wants one full room of doors? This age a vice of century XIX! This door does not make lack none. – But and if we had a baby, and it cried during the night? This door would be useful! – We will think about this if we will have a baby, when we will have a baby But, since he is so curious, it goes to the other room and it opens the door that is behind the mirror! Shortly afterwards. – Mari Saint Gobain, 1693 This mirror has 300 years! is not alone this: the mirrors Saint Gobain had been the first ones to be produced in series in the Europe! Magical mirrors were called How it will be that it came to stop here? – Hermes! Nor it seems that already we visit as many Museums It remembers Solar of the Baron ? barons of the coffee went frequently to the Europe, and fulled the houses with everything of better that they found – We go to vender the mirror! – You are wild? Nunquinha ! In that old full Moon night cantigas of mucamas fulled senzala desert; it had the reminiscncia of old batuques in the place of fetichism and European perfumes of the ladies in the ball hall The light of the Moon, full of poetry, life and gold, penetrated for the same opening of the window, of this time among the reposteiros of velvet, half-closed.


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