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December 16th, 2012

I am andarilha of the Spheres. Untiring caminhante, without destination certoando which nomadic soul, to the incessant search of the happy instants that perdie live palpitantes in lembranasque I did not forget the life that I lived. For times, I feel under my feet the life, in the heat of the land, others, the coolness of the fields relvadosconfortam with maciez my tired feet already; others still, the soft texture of the sand, for the perpetual flow-refluxo of the sea, wet, brings me it sensation of fugaz-perpetual-cicloao which is all predestinateing. The pebbles of the rivers, shine to the solar light, and feel the smooth ones to them forms without edges, when for on them thoughtful walking, I construct with mine to think realidadeque would like to have the happiness to find refulgindo under the brightness of the stars and the fulgurante lunar clarity. These andanas all, without ceasing, bring me it souvenir the times mine, happy of child when, without still knowing what he was ' ' esperana' ' it lived the life waked up in dreams and saw the generosidadeespelhada one in each look.


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