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December 21st, 2012

In Indiana line they had crossed a confusion of twigs, falling leaves, dirty water holes and great puddles, following a track that forms a great snail. Half hour later a fine mantle started covered it the quagmire. They walked with caution and, of time in when, they stopped to hear strange sounds that it saw of inside of a fog. The night had quickly fond and with the fog the way was difficult. Gordon decided to look a place to pass the night. In addition, the night was the schedule of the hunters nocturnal. Gordon looked at for all the sides and they did not obtain to see a good place to pass the night. Exactly that it existed, the fog was being denser and made it difficult the vision. To the trancos and barracos they had obtained, fortunately, to find an opening in a very old tree, the opening was distant of the ground good for protection. Antenor was the first one to scale the trunk and to enter e, then behind, it came Gordon.


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