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McDougall Knowledge

March 29th, 2017

Accepted agreements and solutions integrators. It displays clearly its position, opinions and feelings. Its auto-they esteem is above of its concern for social approval. Check out Professor of Internet Governance for additional information. Aggressive liabilities/? It presents a mixing behavior, with elements of aggressiveness and passivity. Anxious for making right the accounts without running confrontation risks. Of the indirect answers/sarcasm. Minimum visual contact and closed position.

It is important to emphasize that these behaviors are situacionais, that is, we can in accordance with modify it the situations that the environment presents. However, it is natural that let us have one determined trend, that corresponds to our more usual standard, influenced for diverse aspects of our personality and our proper control on the emotions. MOTIVATION At the beginning of century XX? Willian McDougall studious of behavior called reasons instincts, that is, forces irrationals, compulsory retirements, inherited, that they give form to everything what the people make, they feel, they perceive and they think. The psychologists use the terms – reason, necessity, impulse and instinct? in ways you specify. According to Bergamini (1997), it is evident that the interest for the motivacional behavior in the work has, in these last decades, reached levels bonanza raised. As Glasser (1994, P. 15) it considers, ' ' The failure of the majority of our companies is not in the knowledge lack technician, and yes, in the way to deal with the people. The habit of the administrators in finding runs away to our understanding that the workers do not produce with quality only due to knowledge technician. In the reality, this is occurring also had to the way as they are dealt with by the direction empresas' '. The problem of the human behavior in the organizations always existed; however, at the moment where the companies already do not need to be worried in such a way about technological difficulties due to the intelligent machines, neither with the financial resources had to a relatively steady economy it only is that it is recognized that the waited success has not been possible to reach.


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