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McDougall Knowledge

March 29th, 2017
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Accepted agreements and solutions integrators. It displays clearly its position, opinions and feelings. Its auto-they esteem is above of its concern for social approval. Check out Professor of Internet Governance for additional information. Aggressive liabilities/? It presents a mixing behavior, with elements of aggressiveness and passivity. Anxious for making right the accounts without running confrontation risks. Of the indirect answers/sarcasm. Minimum visual contact and closed position.

It is important to emphasize that these behaviors are situacionais, that is, we can in accordance with modify it the situations that the environment presents. However, it is natural that let us have one determined trend, that corresponds to our more usual standard, influenced for diverse aspects of our personality and our proper control on the emotions. MOTIVATION At the beginning of century XX? Willian McDougall studious of behavior called reasons instincts, that is, forces irrationals, compulsory retirements, inherited, that they give form to everything what the people make, they feel, they perceive and they think. The psychologists use the terms – reason, necessity, impulse and instinct? in ways you specify. According to Bergamini (1997), it is evident that the interest for the motivacional behavior in the work has, in these last decades, reached levels bonanza raised. As Glasser (1994, P. 15) it considers, ' ' The failure of the majority of our companies is not in the knowledge lack technician, and yes, in the way to deal with the people. The habit of the administrators in finding runs away to our understanding that the workers do not produce with quality only due to knowledge technician. In the reality, this is occurring also had to the way as they are dealt with by the direction empresas' '. The problem of the human behavior in the organizations always existed; however, at the moment where the companies already do not need to be worried in such a way about technological difficulties due to the intelligent machines, neither with the financial resources had to a relatively steady economy it only is that it is recognized that the waited success has not been possible to reach.


Universal Energy

May 16th, 2016
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Although many philosophies to praise the opposite, have that to say something here that can dislike many: the life must be full, happy, prosperous, glad, pleasant and repleta of accomplishments. Yes reading friend! The fullness is its natural condition. So that this occurs, an energy realinhamento is enough to its true essential nature. You only need to make this so that all the good things to freely circulate pass it in its life. Obviously, you will not be able to enter in the cosmic frequency being working against the natural evolution of the Universe.

Then, the first step is to start to generate now, noble feelings. Of this form, you it will be giving the necessary steps for the creation of a full conscience more raised of love joy and peace, in alignment with the universal flow. You must look for to center the focus of its attention in the good, the growth, the pleasure, the joy and the happiness that are the livened up states of the Universal Energy in action. He searchs the unit instead of separation, harmony instead of conflict, love instead of hatred, joy instead of sadness. This is not to an utopia or a fantastic idealismo, but about basic necessities for the true life, idealized for the Creator of all the things. Pass to see the side good of all the things, looking for enxergar beyond the appearances.

It looks for to see its fellow creatures with good eyes, knowing that what you see in excessively reflects a part essential of its proper reality. You – and not them others – are the true source of all its problems. But this is not bad, since changing itself exactly, it will become into the source of all its solutions. It erases the philosophy from that the external threat runs away total from its control and pass to believe in the possibility of that its internal force is stronger than the world.



April 16th, 2016
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It means that they have big plans and hopes. And that tells you your circle? Not yet given up in the future? Have any of you ask me it is a fair question: why do all necessary? Did not I do not know what expect and what survived? Rather of all, your community, turned out great. Let you go past and the future still has hope. But the people who lost lives will be surprised at the status quo. And someone is going to help. After all, you see clearly, as if from outside, as live. So draw your own conclusions, and if that does not like it, correct.

Can not contact us about the art. And here is another good technique for knowing their hidden traits. Of the proposed options, you will need to choose one thing. So: Square. You inherent orderliness, punctuality, adherence to rules and regulations. Tkzhe, analytic thinking, attention to detail, focus on the facts passion for writing, neatness, cleanliness. Sometimes it skips rationality, prudence, dryness, coldness, practicality, frugality often occurs, tenacity, perseverance, and firmness in decisions patience hard work and professional learning. Perhaps a weak politician, a narrow circle of friends and acquaintances.

Wow, how much! Remember? Triangle. This is a clear leader, is inherent in the desire for power, ambition, set in victory. Endowed with pragmatism, focusing on the problem. Self-confident, decisive, impulsive. The great strength of feeling, courage and indomitable energy, risk tolerance, high availability. Love wild fun. Characterized by impatience. Surely a great politician.

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Weight Reduction Using Channels Cosmoenergy

February 15th, 2016
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Many patients ask me about losing weight, since this problem is usually solved very hard. The use of different pills for weight loss is mainly reduced appetite, but once you stop taking pills, the former with an excess weight comes back. Herbs that make many patients, cause diarrhea and dehydration as a result. Is it even possible to solve this problem? And if 'yes', then this can be done with channels ? Approach to each patient must be individualized. First, determine the number of sessions that need to pass the patient to address his weight problem. It is possible that a patient who has 30, 40 kg or more lose weight, you will need to work first day, after some weight reduction to switch to another schedule: 3-4 times a week.

For those patients who wish to remove 10 kg of weight, work schedule may be quite different. Under influence channels Cosmoenergy will occur not only reduce weight but also will address the patient, as all the usual sessions Cosmoenergy. But in addition, there will be a normalization of the endocrine system of the patient, general metabolism and hormone, and therefore automatically normalizes weight. When working channels Cosmoenergy weight reduction opens the channel and rejuvenation while minimizing weight is tightening facial skin and body wrinkles. Patient needs to drink charged water, the reception which will clear the body of toxins and wastes, loss of appetite and skin rejuvenation.

Number of sessions that must pass each patient individually. Someone needs to go through 20 sessions, and someone – 60. For example, my patient Valentina, 41, was held in my sessions in 2006. 07/02/2006 city – weight 88.7 kg, the 30/07/2006 – weight 83.5 kg, the 16/08/2006 – weight 80.0 kg, the 09/04/2006 – Weight 78.0 kg in two months weight Valentina decreased by 9.3 kg. Skin does not limp, and was, by contrast, elastic. During the sessions, she decided, and many of its other problems: improved relations with her husband, children, the pain in the spine, liver, has changed its relationship to surrounding people, it has become more positive, fewer negative thoughts and actions. Currently, Valentine is my student, she had a great spiritual growth, have gone almost all the health problems which have bothered. By the way, after the passage of initiations into the channels Cosmoenergy Valentine continued to work on reducing its weight, and now her weight – 68 kg.

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Energy And Matter

January 31st, 2016
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"Blessed are those who do not know, because they do not know how blessed." Really, how important to our perception of the world we know. The man knows a lot of things, events, experiences that shape his view about the world. Passing through the old familiar road, which once roamed as a child, there is much to remember, to tell, it would seem so familiar and understandable. But new knowledge, concepts, and changed the perception and understanding of the situation, environment. Seen new details, features, seems to be the color of the picture has changed. Painting may stay the same, it is necessary to turn back, then the state of childhood, and many will fall into place.

For example, a person grew up, he knows the river can not only to bathe and drink, but to use water for construction, chemical industry, agricultural industry. For a child is only one side, while another man has already matured. He knows that this can be do. Take away from an adult is knowledge and the river can once again become a big toy. Previously it was thought that the planet does not revolve around the sun, and sun, and the whole world revolves around the Earth.

Copernicus did not refute this view of the world, and who knows, maybe the person would not fly in space. Different knowledge about the world makes it different perception. Knowledge – a good tool in the way of mankind. It gives an idea of the world, what is it that motivates them, and most importantly – where it goes and why.

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The People

February 8th, 2014
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These women not they complain of the flagelante situation where they live, because they find to be the correct one; this identity is constructed from the experience with the proper family who supposedly restituted the condition of subalternidade estimated for the society. These have the laborious work not as a punishment of God, but of diligent people, aguerrida, this it is the social representation that if has of the woman of the field. For backwards of this situation a social conjuncture has all that excludes, and disables the people to fight for a worthier life. But as could they, to surpass this if they had never said to them that this identity of woman of the field, illiterate, without voice nor time was fruit of a historical construction, that not only comes of the time of the discovery, but that they come the millenia being restituted by an exculpatory and paternalista society? These women see the reality as a infinity of obstacles that had never been able to surpass because the tools had been denied to it most elementary, with which they could understand the world. She was in the order of impossible to deny an estimated identity of woman submissa that it are attributed to them, since the proper language or the symbolic codes through which the people if relate had been denied them. She will be that these women would obtain to say who are? When they had been born? What they like or not? Of what she has fear? How they will make to characterize itself while subject in the world? How they would make to play social roles if what she is waited of them he is that they are in its cantos, stops, changes, agonizing, waiting the death to arrive? How to make the negation of the negation of an estimated identity if the formal language is denied the person, as to act without an elaborated thought? Difficult.