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Those Disobedient Dogs

March 31st, 2017

Your pet bites people, destroys their furniture, escapes and does not obey for nothing? After discarding a health problem, we can say that your pet has a behavior problem. However, it is still necessary that the pet owner review his conduct and care offered by the pet. Saved this matter, is acting on the conduct of the dog. The problems that occur with greater frequency, and their respective causes are basically:-destruction of furniture or clothing: is due to their hunting instinct, when the animals are under stress, or they are forced to suppress those instincts, they express them destructively. -Do your needs at home.

This can be due to several factors. The main is the demarcation of their territory, it is not necessary that there is anything that threatens their supremacy in the territory, is due rather to the type of health factors: incontinence, or even a bad habits brought from small. -Dog attacks our guests, to other dogs or people when we get to ride. It is due to an excessive manifestation of the Defense instinct. The animal defends its territory to nails and teeth, literally. When faced with stress, for example to remove it to walk for the first time in an unknown neighborhood, you will be nervous, it would not be surprising to attack to any passer-by who try to touch it. If your state of health is not favorable also will increase your nervousness, and it is possible that it is incurred in the destruction of furniture or aggressiveness. Once considered these factors, the next thing we can do is resort to the techniques of dog training, so a professional help us, or implementing them ourselves.

Although there are several guides for dog training techniques, we can continue with our criterion since it is our own pet, obviously following a few guidelines:-If we give an order, you must make sure that is met, try not to engage in physical punishments since they are counterproductive. -Once the dog obey an order or make an appropriate behavior, should be given a reward. Should prepare the exercise in a place without distractions, and devise it so the dog can reach to meet our guide, whether signs or carrying us themselves to do what they want to do. -Having some patience will be the main ingredient for training with our pet. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks.


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