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Prefabricated Houses

April 1st, 2014

A prefabricated house without “Plastic bag” or “Breathing machine” is using the House-possible in principle of the House. The company bio-solar house of St. Alban / Rhineland-Palatinate shows how it’s done. A House does not necessarily is a house where already wallpaper, tiles or sanitary objects done at panels mounted on the construction site are supplied. Advantage of this construction is that the individual carrying scaffolding elements already at a qualified wood construction can be produced before and thus significantly reduces the development time.

Of course, a prefabricated house by bio-solar house is one from many houses of types of: each House is individually planned and can be optimally aligned to the own needs. Also the stage can be chosen freely and individually agreed that initially only the supporting structure is “ready”. The term “Prefab” is a partially negative image from the past. Simple, clean design, poor insulation and poor summer thermal insulation was said to him. Although in inexpensive prefabricated houses these prejudices rightly still exist the bio-solar house as a prefab House but significantly this differs: in addition to high-quality, untreated wood, as well as high-quality and efficient thermal insulation of soft wood-fiber and cellulose which reached “House – in-house” U-values, including air space and outer sheath of 0.09 W / m K and has a heating energy consumption between 10-25 kWh / m a.

The solidity of real estate and prefabricated houses in the next few years, will be more and more of the total energy demand. An argument, what for a prefabricated house for the home-speaks in the House – design! Air – and steam-proof as this build the trend in the House with a “plastic bag” and to “ventilate” ventilation machine more and more builders are critical. Conventional, single-layer construction facing extreme heat insulation a dilemma: is the thermal insulation must be well built steam-proof and the ventilation system is almost “a must”. Is that Thermal insulation can be omitted less well on them. Through the protected House-the House principle the company bio-solar house can be dispensed with both: A well insulated, vapour diffusion Open House is in an air space and a partially glazed Aussenhaus, which is heated by the Sun and diffuse light. The water vapor produced in each House can leave the Interior house through the warm layer of air as dry gas the House thereby naturally without to condense it. More information about the exact functioning and the prefabricated house program, refer to the company’s Web site. In the sunny Park St.Alban, the pattern home park for bio-solar houses, offers the company a total 6 the per-dwelling houses.

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