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The Advantages

October 18th, 2011
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You can choose a swimsuit, sitting at the computer at any time, even at night. After 1-2 days the order will be delivered to your home or office. And all this you do not get up from the comfortable armchairs. Now fashion has reached and to swimsuits, making available a myriad of models of the above-mentioned goods. Also, following the latest trends in fashion, you have the opportunity to buy a swimsuit collection "Bikini 2007" through an extensive directory, which can strike even the most discerning fashionistas. But how do you choose the right swimsuit? The choice, of course, depends on the figure of a woman – not everyone can afford to wear a bikini, in fact represents a set of ropes. Besides, too much to bare one or another part of the body sometimes just is not permissible from an ethical point of view. But in any case, the main goal remains to be feminine! Many women believe that their figures have defects.

Defects are often visible only by girls. The correct choice of swimsuit will not only emphasize the advantages, but also hide some flaws. But bathing suits – is not only a fashion accessory for the demonstration of the figure, but also clothing, which you should feel confident and comfortable. However, there is a certain set of recommendations. For example, if you want to visually enhance the bust, the bodice of leotard should wallow in ryushah and the reverse side should be foam inserts in the cups. A visually lengthening legs melting leotard should be a fairly high side slits. If you feel that you have large bust, the bodice is the stays perfect option for you and any decent bikini shop has to offer to these women rather large assortment of bathing suits to meet all necessary criteria.

In the same If you have an attractive midsection, you can save the melting-bikini with the highest waist. Of course, if you do not model the waist, it can easily help hide pareos, thrown over their shoulders, knotted at hips. To reduce the hips, one part must be closed, and another – to open. But melting Laced, create the effect of ruff and looks very much effectively.