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Universal Energy

May 16th, 2016

Although many philosophies to praise the opposite, have that to say something here that can dislike many: the life must be full, happy, prosperous, glad, pleasant and repleta of accomplishments. Yes reading friend! The fullness is its natural condition. So that this occurs, an energy realinhamento is enough to its true essential nature. You only need to make this so that all the good things to freely circulate pass it in its life. Obviously, you will not be able to enter in the cosmic frequency being working against the natural evolution of the Universe.

Then, the first step is to start to generate now, noble feelings. Of this form, you it will be giving the necessary steps for the creation of a full conscience more raised of love joy and peace, in alignment with the universal flow. You must look for to center the focus of its attention in the good, the growth, the pleasure, the joy and the happiness that are the livened up states of the Universal Energy in action. He searchs the unit instead of separation, harmony instead of conflict, love instead of hatred, joy instead of sadness. This is not to an utopia or a fantastic idealismo, but about basic necessities for the true life, idealized for the Creator of all the things. Pass to see the side good of all the things, looking for enxergar beyond the appearances.

It looks for to see its fellow creatures with good eyes, knowing that what you see in excessively reflects a part essential of its proper reality. You – and not them others – are the true source of all its problems. But this is not bad, since changing itself exactly, it will become into the source of all its solutions. It erases the philosophy from that the external threat runs away total from its control and pass to believe in the possibility of that its internal force is stronger than the world.


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