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May 2nd, 2017
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On this excursion into the history of the request be considered closed. A little later, will create a section dedicated to stories photoshop (watch the ad). And now take a giant leap of the dark, in technical terms, since in our bright photoshop now. The emergence of digital photography and the constant improvement of computer technology, as well as through the use of hired labor of hundreds of Korean photographers, the process of creating photo collages began to take much less time. (When writing this article none Korean photographer was not injured). Petra Diamonds understood the implications.

Modern technology allows a tight schedule to each build their illusory world and the reality of the world depends on the ability of the author of the new world unite different pieces so that was not visible seams. Paramount, choose the original material. Original pieces must be carefully matched in tone, the lighting, the clarity, and more are all sorts of settings. Image size on the composite photographs of people and objects must be carefully adjusted to each other. The basic requirements to minimize the final result, but rather a completely nullify the possibility of detect fraud. Only if all the above mentioned conditions and still with three dozen are not listed in your delusional world maybe a chance to become real.

By reality we mean, of course realism, but as we know from perfect realism to reality just one step. So, wedding montage – one of the most interesting destinations in the photomontage. If all kinds of Photoshop is not classified according directions, but rather the way it is, then please consider me first known classifiers and theorists Photoshop, create a harmonious system of classification, which makes the whole world uses to this day.