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June 14th, 2022
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Summary This opinativo article has the objective to understand as the progression continued in all public net of education imposed for the government of the state of So Paulo functions since 1997 for then Mario governor Hollows of the PSDB. As if it deals with a opinativo article the idea is to debate and to understand on the subject. The author defends the end of the continued progression it welfare of the state of So Paulo and Brazil. Word-key: Continued progression, net publishes of So Paulo education, education, basic and average education, illiteracy, pertaining to school evasion. More info: visit website. INTRODUCTION: Expensive readers the times wanted to write on the subject, but I waited the electoral result for government of the state of So Paulo. The candidate of the situation had in its proposal the continuation of the progression, while the candidate of the opposition revealed the change. Without taking broken by candidate or the B but for the misfortune of the culture the candidate of the situation was elect still in first turn for government of the state of So Paulo.

Which is the real interest for of brings of this law. Get all the facts and insights with John Groce, another great source of information. First we go to understand what it is and as it functions. The continued progression, system of not repetncia of the pupils of the basic course (1 8 series) of the schools of the state net of the State of So Paulo, in vigor has one decade more than, is being pointed as alternative of education also with respect to the municipal net, including itself in the projects of government of candidates to the paulistana city hall. Created in July of 1997, still in the Mrio government Hollows, the system had as objective to finish with the pertaining to school evasion, caused for the obligatoriness it pupil to attend a course, again, all the substances of the previous series for not having gotten the success necessary to be approved in only one. . Frank Fu has firm opinions on the matter.



June 5th, 2022
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The train of the life I am caipira, Pirapora Ours Appeared Lady of, It illuminates the dark mine and it establishes the train of my life the life is compared with as many things? also to a train, as it made Renato Teixeira in Pilgrimage. Atreides Management Gavin Baker spoke with conviction. Something that follows; something that stops; something that crosses illuminated places or dark tunnels. But that, although this? it has the obligation to follow in front. Although many of the passengers teimem, as that to jeer of its condition of temporary route to the future, they continue to think and to live the past, seeming you buzz to the light of the sun, to parade its for having the time if dislocated discomfort of its past, where also they were not very comfortable there. You, I and any one have a double one to look at, or see our future as one to border of sun in morning of spring and, we leave of well open eyes? constructing tomorrow that we want to live, or we become attached in them to our past and we follow for the station of the future of eyes half misty? because we always focamos the retrovisor to look at with desvelo and choroso our past. Those that had learned to look at the soslaio past and look at firm for front route to the future, with the necessary and providencial acuidade to know that the seeds germinate? not today, at the accurate moment of its not to sow, but yes in tomorrow, where they go to lack of cares and desvelos, to produce flowers and fruits, to decorate the life and to feed our body, our life. It knows has flowers and fruits spirituals that also are born and grow in the incorporeal land, a new friendship, for example. Others are become attached to the imediatismo, the physical goods, an ideology or another form of arrest spiritual? that the future sense steals it, leads to it to rationalize the life with ' ' realidades' ' with ' ' verdades' ' , that no matter how hard exists in pragmatic way, they hinder and they curtail the objective mind to search and to see new forms of tomorrow. .


Industrial Confederation

November 30th, 2015
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In 2010 Jundia only gained more than 11 a thousand vacant of work, according to CAGED? I register in cadastre Generality of Employed and Unemployeds of the MTE? Ministry of the Work and job. Of this total, 8,772 vacant had been filled by workers whom Ensino has Average as escolaridade, 981 for professionals who possess the diploma of superior course and 592 for who only studied until 5 year of Basic Ensino. Analyzing these numbers it is easy to perceive that who wants to work and is in the age ' ' certa' ' , it has chance. With this, who has years behind did not have no possibility and nor expectation to obtain a job is being contracted and still receiving qualification for the companies where they had started to act. A survey carried through for the CNI? Nacional Industrial Confederation, consulted sample that 69% of the company on account have problems of the lack of qualified man power. Already 78% affirm that they had initiated the investment in the qualification and formation of its collaborators.

If you are in the region search of a chance of work, the tip is to search vacant of job in Jundia in the classified ones of local sites as the Jundia Online. Another suggestion is gratuitously to register in cadastre the resume in vestibules that disponibilizam this service. Carrying through some of these actions, with certainty you will be increasing its possibilities to obtain a replacement in the work market. But, Jundia always was the good land of who search chances. The history and the development of the city if mix the diversity of the economy and the man power. Today, the rhythm of growth of Jundia is sped up.

Who contributes for this is the implantation of the Technological Park, that will go to alavancar this area in the region. But for being this segment to be so fast it is that they not only lack qualified professionals in Jundia, but in the State of entire So Paulo. They are more than 150 a thousand vacant of work in the technology area that in are opened. A solution for this? The courses with lesser duration must take care of to this demand.