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December 22nd, 2021
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Pointing to his responsibilities, focusing on those that are more consistent with the stated goals in office, describing them in more detail, about the rest of the duties performed a brief mention. Personal information: – Name – dob – Contact information – marital status, presence and age of the children – a place of residence (district, metro station). In contact information, specify all the phones on which you can be reached, as well as e-mail. Phone numbers listed in cv must be in the mode of access by mobile phone – in the black, and you – are always in touch. If you are still working and do not want to answer calls recruiters during working hours, please indicate this in summary: "preferred method of communication – e-mail. " But keep in mind that this may reduce your chances of finding work because most recruiters prefer to preliminary contact with the candidate by phone. Education: primary and secondary.

In provide basic education school that you graduated, graduation year and specialty. In a further – courses, seminars and workshops. Specify only those courses and trainings, which have a direct related to the positions stated as the purpose of a resume. Learn to crochet listed in the summary of an accountant, or membership in the club yorkshire terrier in the summary of the credit analyst amuse recruiter, but will not add you Plus, as a candidate. If in his professional life you've been a huge number of seminars and training – indicate only the most important in the last 3-5 years.


Positive Crisis

March 28th, 2016
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Sometimes I get the impression that today, only babies and dumb do not talk about the financial crisis all complain. To be honest – first bothered. Secondly – much like the economic downturn for many only justify their own inactivity. And sometimes dishonest acts (well, from the series: where the salary (calculation and payment order ) What do I pay? Crisis ). So today on the positive. This is a collection of my own and not just my thoughts. So.

1. Significantly depreciated real estate for rent. By the way, and leasing of office premises 2. Employers are much easier it is to find a suitable employee 3. Active employees become more responsible attitude to their duties 4. Dismissal from work, for people thinking positively, often became an occasion to change the long boring job and find something more interesting (well not always have the strength and confidence to quit, with a stable work motivation "tired") 5. People became more careful and responsible attitude to their spending.

This is a chance to stop "seize" all that imposes on us advertising. To stop and clear their minds. And finally to understand that not everything that we did strongly suggest that pleasant, helpful and necessary "6. Financial difficulties – an opportunity to be creative. It is not possible to buy a new dress? And what is in the closet and how to combine to make it in a new way? And what delicious cook from the fact that there is in the refrigerator (not to order pizza)? By the way, homemade food and health useful 7. There is less work? Finally have the opportunity to do so, on what in today's hectic lifestyle does not have enough time: hobbies, reading, language (by the way, there are many inexpensive and even free at all possibilities). Or maybe you have something long dreamed of learning? 8. Again – free time – a perfect moment to do himself. I mean not only an additional trip to the barber shop, but your inner world 9. Hooray Finally, the family would see my mother (father), wife (husband) is not only a dream 10. And here pozitivchik for workers mlm and Network Marketing are just some thoughts that occurred to me, made my friends read by me I hope it will come across you on your own positives. And let's remember – beautiful with a smile