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High Performance Management

July 14th, 2016
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Thus, it is reinforcing one of the most valuable skills you can acquire: the ability to evaluate and improve their own performance. Step 3: Probe of areas for development The third step is to ask the coachee what would change if I could do it again. Obviously, if the pupil knows what can be improved and knows how to improve it, do not benefit from it are saying! And mentally rehearsing what to do otherwise, increases the chance that he actually carried out the improvement. Most experts agree that two or three areas for development are enough for anyone to work. Working on a list of things to change is frustrating and futile. Focus on areas of greatest need. When identifying areas for development, the coachee can not be identified to which you thought was most important. Once again, you can redirect their perception by identifying what he saw would not have allowed it to reach its conclusion.

"I agree that it has identified two areas had made the call definitely be better. How about the effect of his property was the presentation of the product on the client and why? What could I do differently next time …? " Step 4: Summarize and Support While there may be limited to a few training strengths and areas for further development, must submit a brief summary of the discussion, especially what the coachee to do differently next time. This summary will be the most important things are still fresh in memory. You will also want to support the changes by saying something like: "I think these changes will make your next call be even better." Follow these four steps to help your employees and colleagues improve their performance. (This information comes from Coaching for Performance, a module in Entelechy's High Performance Management program. This module, as well as our 40 other modules, learning tools and guides for games I have a diagram or drawing jpg Word of the coaching model to illustrate the process better than words. I have also available in Word format.