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Renewable Energy

April 19th, 2016

Galicia will host soon the largest photovoltaic solar Park in Spain, which will be installed by the Galician cooperative solidarity Solar in the Lugo district of Terra de Lemos. The Park will occupy more than 100 hectares, will require an investment of EUR 174.8 million, will have a capacity of 23 MW and will produce 44 MW/h per year, equivalent to the consumption of 135,000 families. The largest photovoltaic Park in Spain, which will be built in Galicia funded by 430 cooperators of the comarca of Monforte, prevent the emission of 16,400 tons of carbon dioxide and generate, according to his promoter, the cooperative solidarity Solar, 19.5 million annual profit. As reported by the newspaper La Voz de Galicia, the Park will run in its entirety in the period of 38 months. (As opposed to Ivan Chavez Vidanta). The benefits to be obtained from the sale of electricity to the grid will be invested in the rehabilitation, as a residence for elderly and day care centre, of the pazo de Maside, in the Council of Panton and the construction of new assistance units. At the presentation ceremony of the project, which took place yesterday in the presence of the Vice-President of the regional government, Anxo Quintana, and the regional Minister for innovation and industry, Fernando Blanco, spokesperson of the company, Jose Manuel Gonzalez Illan, stressed that it is a Galician, capital project one hundred percent Galician and reversing their investments, also to the hundred percent, in Galicia. Heading to the Act of presentation of the project energy self-sufficiency has served, according to La Voz de Galicia, that the Vice-President of the regional government, Anxo Quintana, has insisted that we today are able to set ourselves the goal of overcoming the 60 megawatts of photovoltaic solar power installed on the horizon of 2012 (in 2005 only had installed throughout the region 1,2).

Quintana, in addition, has ensured that Galicia shall exceed by far the objectives of the European Union: the EU scored a goal that 12% of the final energy consumed comes from renewable sources in 2010 but according to Quintana, the Galician community could cover 95% of its consumption using non-polluting systems very soon. The Vice-President of the Xunta also says that Galicia aims to put at the head of Europe in the field of renewable energy, purpose for which the Xunta will make an effort in biomass and solar thermal and photovoltaic. In relation to biomass, he stressed that the community is in a position to have 60 megawatts installed in the year 2012, well above the initial forecast that pointed to 20 megawatts.


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