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Different Sources Of Energy

April 20th, 2016

Currently most used in today’s world energy sources, can be considered to come from: oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy. We also know the damage they cause to our global environment, however, the more disputed as to possible damage, has undoubtedly been the use of nuclear energy. Within the concept that has been referred to as renewable energy, can be cited, among the main energies: wind, hydraulic, solar, tidal, geothermal, biomass as well as the actalmente of fashion biofuels. There are currently various technologies that combine the use of fossil fuels to obtain heat and energy in general. Within these processes are considered to be normally the use of oil and gas, even and when some processes focus such as management of water vapor for the direct production of electric energy through turbines, in its origin, previously will require, logically, produce steam. There is also the production of electric power, in some places of the world, using the natural steam retrieved through drilling, geothermal systems. He has worked in various countries, in applications of solar energy, as well as wind energy and application of energy produced by the tides. Progress in this regard, have been especially in combination with technological advances.

In applications relating to wind power, for example, has been a breakthrough in the design of the blades, the decrease in the friction as well as improved the conversion of motion into energy equipment, however still remains, produced through this system, a relatively expensive energy. As is public knowledge, for several years, the investments for research relating to energy, in various countries, has been focused in relation to the use of nuclear energy. As this type of research, it has usually involved uses war, its handling and information have been surrounded by an excessive, call it discretion which frankly falls into the designation of secret affair. This has led to keep information distorted towards the public, about the damage and the enormous costs that the use of nuclear power plants to produce electricity, have caused on the occasions in which its construction has been imposed in various countries. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, explains, for example some disconcerting developments, which in this respect have been presented in some places, in which to examine in depth the situation of nuclear power plants in operation, has reached an astonishing conclusion: not now known which should be really appropriate technical procedure to be followed at the time that you need to dismantle obsolete nuclear plant, as does not know precisely what to do with waste from a nuclear power plant, so that its processing really make them harmless. What if you you know, it is that the cost of the energy produced by a nuclear power plant shall be subsidized either directly or indirectly so that the price can be considered competitive with the types of production until today regarded as traditional. Even and when the subject is very wide for a brief writing, possibly necessary continue in some next writing.


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