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New Unique Technology

September 28th, 2013

The story of "BELLARGO" Technology "BELLARGO" and "MIKROBELLARGO" was invented and patented in 1994, in Germany, Ms. Heide-Rose Gang. Patent 19520972 "METHODS AND TECHNOLOGY EXTENSION OF OWN HAIR" Back in the early 90s Heide-Rose Gang took the first steps in creating a new eco-friendly and methodologies to help customers with weak and thin hair, make their dreams of a thick and long hair. Disposable system capacity who received special popularity as a result of their cheapness, but do not give an acceptable quality of service were a prerequisite for the birth of technology, "BELLARGO." Today this system is patented in 15 countries, including Russian Federation. In Germany alone, more than 400 salons are increasing the hair on the equipment and technology "BELLARGO." At the moment, "BELLARGO MIKROBELLARGO and" the world's only fully patented system, with Heightening the help of which the amount and length of hair is made without glue, keratin, metal and other chemicals that are harmful to the health of one's own hair. In 2004, the technology "BELLARGO" system has been tested "OKO-TEST" and was officially announced as the best and environmentally friendly of all the popular techniques of hair extensions. ALL ABOUT TECHNOLOGY Hair Extensions "BELLARGO" method of attaching the strands: Stackable strands are attached by means of small, matching the color (from white transparent to opaque black), elastic polymer shells through the heat. Used for fixing ceramic thermal clamps. Heated to a temperature of 120 degrees, they locally heated Heat sleeve, connecting with your own hair extensions locks.


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