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Especially World

June 21st, 2013

Increasingly more people around the world understand that we are living a spiritual change of eras unprecedented and in all of them the universal spirit nor leave abandoned their children. At the present time also a great prophet has come to us men. Through the prophetic Word, Jesus de Nazareth, the Christ of God, who became Golgotha in our Redeemer, has become reality in our time what it promised to humanity 2000 years ago; He said: many things have yet to tell, but now could not understand them. When he, the spirit of truth, will guide you into all truth. (Juan 16,12) This promise is being fulfilled for more than 30 years, because the risen Christ has taken one person and has instructed her to be his Messenger and Prophet.

Through it the spirit of the Christ of God has brought to the world the truth of infinity. So we can say that the risen Christ of God have come to mankind today. Whoever has ears to hear. Who can grasp it that catches him (Mt 11: 15). Especially in Holy week, who not wondering about the meaning of the life of Jesus de Nazareth, by his crucifixion and resurrection? In an excerpt from the great work this is my word, he explains the event of their execution. And literally reads: all this endured it for that redemption could come to all souls and men. Darkness slandered my physical body, mocked him and killed him, but did not separate me from God making me doubt him.

I stayed in my father and the father remained in me. And so came into this world the glory of the father, as light of redemption. And no one can turn off this light of the world.(Cap 82, 17-19). Redeeming light, is the Luz of Christ within us, and since then serves as support to all souls and humans; It is security for the way back to the father’s House. He, Christ, is therefore the livelihood in the soul and thereby the path towards a happy and full life of satisfactions, to what each one longs for and seeks in its existence. Original author and source of the article.

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