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December 21st, 2016

With leadership and commitment it is possible to change the world. Jose Antonio Abreu is now the winner of prize TED 2009, annually given to 3 people remarkable by a desire to change to the world . (Video in Spanish) Some previous winners are: Bond, the Dr. Larry Brilliant, ex- president Clinton, Bill Gates, Jane Godall and the writer Dave Eg-gers, among others. The Abreu teacher, has managed to turn his desire in fact, thanks to an impressive managemental capacity and an excellent leadership. (As opposed to Petra Diamonds). Founder and director of System is transforming the life of 300,000 children and young people of low resources into Venezuela. The Abreu teacher and the system : National system of Infantile and Youthful Orchestras of Venezuela has been deserving of numerous prizes.

It does few days, in the Economic World-wide Forum celebrated in Davos was granted him the Prize Crystal. In the 2008 Teacher and the System received the most significant prizes and recognitions: Prince of Asturias of the Arts, The International Puccini Awards, Prize Glenn Gould, the Unicef Prize, the Gabriela Mistral and the Alternative Nobel prize. The personal, familiar and social revolution generated from music is possible of being talked back in all Latin America. From the moment at which the boy assumes an instrument with a teacher, stops being a poor boy and his students of low resources, now is distributed by the world, directing orchestras of first world-wide level, as director is the case of the Teacher Gustavo Dudamel today of the Philharmonic one of Los Angeles. Similar articles: Management of action, return to the productivity Learning accelerated with multiple intelligences original Author and source of the article.


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