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The Feet

March 22nd, 2017

In the search for the victim before all necessary to determine whether there is over. If there is any need to dive in his direction, just above the place where the man fell into the water. If there is no flow or it is insignificant, then you need to dive into the depths where there immersion. Dropping all the time to look around. Search conducted by an expanding spiral around the place where the rescuer reached the bottom.

If a man sinking in deep water and get to the bottom is not possible to achieve maximum depth and swim in spirals in the water. After each failed attempt – come to the surface, to hyperventilation (3.6 to perform deep inhalations and exhalations complete – it will provide an opportunity to remove more carbon dioxide from the blood), and restore breathing, keep searching. Finding the victim under water, it is first necessary to draw attention to his situation. If he lies on the bottom face up, it is best to swim up to him in the head, tucked under an arm and pushed off from the bottom to surface. If lying on the ground, face down – to swim in it by the feet, take your mouse and surface. Rescuer should be remembered that the main thing – to calculate your abilities and techniques to apply salvation. If possible, have calm the prostrate man, to instill confidence in him, that assistance will be provided.

If this fails, then we must be careful: a drowning man clutches at lifeguard and get rid of it is very difficult. Exemption from seizure Most drowning lifeguard enough for the hands, neck (front and rear), trunk and legs, must immediately get rid of him. The easiest way to do this way of diving. Sinking all the forces trying to hold onto the water surface, and if the rescuer goes for depth, he instinctively decompress hands. If it does not work, then resort to one of the following methods. RELEASE FROM SEIZURE FOR wrists. In such a situation it is necessary to determine quickly what are sinking his thumbs. Then jerks them aside to dissolve hands. At the same time, pulling his legs and leaning on the chest of drowning, the rescuer pushes on it.

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