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Silent-PC Computers

January 31st, 2017

The Silent-PC systems SIZO work with a special processor cooling, which, without noisy fans, and moving mechanical parts and therefore funktioniertt completely silently, without causing any work noise. A silent PC has, if used as a work computer in the office use or as a Multimedia Center PC, through a variety of advantages: the elimination of noise can we avoid stress, protects the nerves and increases the concentration of sustainability and the work! Or you can stop on the PC – very relaxed – stored music or multimedia files without being distracted by annoying and disturbing noises operation. The elimination of fans not only of health-noise, but also avoided the usual dust swirling in conventional computers. In addition, records from the PC systems of SIZO a completely maintenance-free operation, and they save through the consistent use of energy-efficient technology up to 80% energy compared to conventional PC Systems! With its high quality and fine design, add the SIZO PC systems also perfectly into existing stereo and entertainment electronic components. Why even specially equipped Media Center PC series for multimedia and digital TV reception have been laid.

The systems are individually configurable and extensible. Silent PCs silent SIZO from 675th – (RRP), Media Center systems from 1295th – (RRP) at selected retailers and at available. At the Customer completely silent PCs for individual requirements and applications are created. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mitchel Resnick. The product will be professionally SIZO special loud-and fanless computer systems for professional use such as for recording studios, presentation, film editing and authoring, broadcast and for the medical and Indistruellen purpose offered.


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