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Safe Production

July 13th, 2012

Currently, many enterprises in our country established production lines of the old model, equipment morally and often physically obsolete, which often speaks not only ineffective activities production, but also the increased risks to the staff. Recently, more and more frequently in the media there are reports of tragedies in the workplace, injuries and worker fatalities. All this suggests that management companies should more closely relate to safety issues in the workplace and at job sites. Unfortunately, many managers often think of the savings to increase profit, and about safety is referred to in the last turn. This is fundamentally wrong, modern production facility to be safe, in the western world, this criterion is one of the most important in determining efficiency and quality of production. Just be to calculate how much the company would lose if a stop line because of its failure, it could be a serious blow to the economic security organization as a whole, it is better to invest in the stability and security and be confident in the future..


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