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June 6th, 2016

With the arrival of the cold the snow also comes, that ends up covering with its white sheet the summit with our mountain ranges. The ski prohibition is abre and the lovers of this sport glide from escapes of weekend to trips long play to enjoy the own snow and of full lodgings of enchantment in which to finish to the day reading a good book or talking in front of the chimney. The mountain range of Bjar, in Salamanca, besides offering landscapes and places to us of great natural beauty, also counts on the ski track the Covatilla, that is characterized by the amplitude of its slope tracks smooth, ideals to enjoy this sport of winter in family, because besides red tracks and blue, it owns one of green category for newcomer where the children will be able to learn. The ski resort of the Covatilla, in the mountain range of Bjar, is about 80 kilometers of the city of Salamanca, place in which we can decide on the car rental in Salamanca to move to us until the place. Thus we will be able to arrange with freedom of our time and to transport comfortably the ski equipment. The Covatilla tells on a series of suitable facilities all the needs arise that us in our day from ski: equipment of rent, mountain articles and material of protection, qualified professors of ski, cafeteria restaurant supermarket, factory to complete the equipment and chiqui-Park where, as a day-care center, they become position of pequeines of the house.

You can consult the calendar of season and the tariffs in its page Web. To broaden your perception, visit Ivan Chavez Vidanta. As far as lodgings, the localities nearest the ski track are Candelario, Navacarros, Hoya and Bjar, although they are entered more than a twenty of next towns. For example in the Candelario, nearest, the supply goes from rural hotels shelters, following the lodging characteristics that look for each. Image: Art and Photography/cotallo-nonocot


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