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National Energy Administration

March 7th, 2016

China aims to boost its coal production capacity to 4.1 billion tons annually by 2015, the National Energy Administration (NEA) said on Thursday.The country plans to form 10 coal companies with an annual capacity of 100 million tons each, and another 10 with a capacity of 50 million tons each by 2015, according to a coal industry development plan for the 2011-2015 period released by the NEA.The 20 companies are expected to account for over 60 percent of the nation s total coal output, the NEA said.Annual coal grinding ball mill output will be controlled at around 3.9 billion tons during the period, according to the plan.The NEA said it will rationally control the scale of coal production, adding that it will slow down construction in central China regions and place more emphasis on Chinese west. As one of the most important pillar industries of national economy, construction industry has also developed rapidly in the nearly one hundred years, which inevitably produced a considerable amount of by-products in the process of construction, use and demolition of buildings which is generally called construction waste. What course to follow for the huge number of construction waste has become the common focus problem in the whole world? Developed countries carried out a series of effective research and practice aiming at this issue in early times and proved that the realization of the construction waste recycling is the effective prescription to solve the social problem. Words hard rock gold miners and even lazy can not be used in the same sentence. We now have strived to make equipment of mining much simpler for the little guy If you need a chin crusher, roller crusher, portable grinding machine, or any form of smallish mining equipment it s hard to find. Let us be your answer, If a lot of our standard models you should not fit your needs, contact us and let us see if we will help you.Ceramics refers to ceramic and porcelain that can clay as major raw materials and also may include all kinds of natural enzymes. The pulverization smash is more advanced rather than traditional small mill, raymond mill shot. In many instances, to company or mine will elect to introduce an incentive scheme or provide a growth path for the skilled individual within the company to ensure that his or her skills are applied where they can best be used in the company, he explains.Internal development and education are particularly important and we believe that people must be engaged by management with regard to their work..

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