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Internet Smartphone

June 19th, 2017

This measure is moving by itself the screen the lighting. Adjust the stand-by function of the screen. It has illuminated usually no point the screen if you do not use the multimedia device. Set dieStand-By time in fifteen seconds. Switch off the vibrate. The vibration mode needs much more capacity than if you use only the ring tone.

Turn off just the keypad tones and backlight of the keyboard for more battery capacity. Use the standard ring tone and no real music song, because the use of music ringtones too much needs the processor of the multi-media device and that again is more intensive. Preloaded ringtones use less power of the processor and are as much more economical in consumption capacity. Take a static or animated screen background. You have an AMOLED screen, then take a dark background. The connection settings let the Bluetooth option does not permanently switched on. This function will eat very much capacity, making the Smartphone battery rather from running. Turn them so off if it doesn’t need is.

With the 3 g connection, it is possible to go online. It is advisable only to make this connection, if you want specifically to the Internet. The nonsensical turn of Dataroaming supports the waste of power. Applies in addition to the w-LAN connection. The wireless LAN option to be constantly switched on will cost plenty of capacity. Therefore, we recommend you take this feature selectively. Turn off the automated message synchronization. Synchronize your mail itself or set up the automated retrieval option once every 24 hours. Reduce the use of card services wiez.b. Google maps. Turn off the GPS function in addition if they currently do not require this. GPS is a major power guzzlers. Many multi media mobile phones have a Flightmodus function as well. JeneThis function has been developed specially to travel on the plane, but causes that the Smartphone no longer wants to help to select in phone networks. This produces power saving automatically quickly. In areas where the mobile phone networks is moderately developed, your Smartphone wants to be in vain in mobile phone networks to dial. As long as you are in this place, it is advisable to switch on the Flightmodus function. Updates for Smartphone updating you your Smartphone periodically. DenAktualisierungen are often options that ensure that the Smartphone makes with long-winded. Various Smartphone manufacturers have a special Internet distance online, where they individually provide information about how the Leistungddauer of the multi media mobile phones can be extended. Go to the homepage and search for this or another website, that is precisely tailored to your multi media phone. Other multi media phone battery savings locks you your multi media phone after using. In this way the keyboard is not inadvertently made what consumes power again. Exhibit the vibration option on the choose. This function ensures that you a fine vibration notice immediately when you get the multi media phone from standby. Of course, this is an unnecessary function. To reduce performance, we recommend to turn off demenstprechend. To use many programs at the same time, calls for the processor and needs demenstprechend much power. Accordingly, make sure that this function is issued, as soon as they no longer use them. Close unnecessary software applications also continually. Klaudija Paunovic


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