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December 25th, 2015

It is gratifying that you have managed to maintain performance group and continue their education without going on about the group, and not responding to the provocations of the participants, but will return to the situation described by you. Apparently, the denial group of a block of training due to the fact that the information you have given the group stood in direct contradiction with the values of the company. Most likely, the company encouraged when employees retained at work in hour and a half beyond the statutory time. These rules were adopted by all employees, so naturally, the facts are contrary to established practices in the company, caused a storm of negative emotions. Came to mind a similar story, who told our colleague: early in his coaching career, he spent training in strategic management.

One of the important theses of broadcast training participants, was that the monarchy – is the only form effective management, while the company which conducted the training was successfully operated under the guidance of two supervisors. In preparing the program manager did not consider this particular organization rather than caused apparent frustration of participants who had lost confidence in the coach, and after him – and interest in training. To avoid similar situations in the future, pay more attention to communicating with customers, learn more about Peculiarities of internal corporate processes and highlight the core values of each organization, so that when presenting the material does not contradict them. – In my practice, I often use such professional terms like “”, “Sharing,” deroling “and so forth, and then collided with an article whose author of one of the mistakes the coach selects the use of such language in the training..


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