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German Physicist

July 14th, 2016

In all the Medias the Divine Ethics have to be present seno if they become common things. The Divine Ethics engrandece any work carried through for the simple machines that speak, writes, draws, but they do not have Soul. Why? Because it is plus a creation that if disintegrates. ' ' Science is the gradual approach of the man with the world real' '. Max Planck German Physicist Considered the founder of the Quantum Theory. THE DIVINE TECHNOLOGY All the People witnessed the thunders, and lightning, and the clangor of trumpet, and the smoky mount; the People, observing, if estremeceu and was of far. Book of the Exodus of Moiss, CAP.

20:18. Everything this the Technology Human being creates. But, with what? With the Effect that the UNIVERSAL GOD spread for Its Spaces and Times; seno, would be impossible to the man of the age more raised to make these creations. ' ' I do not obtain to believe that the same GOD whom in intelligence gave to them, reason and common-sense forbid in them of the USA-los' '. Galileu Galilei Physicist, Mathematician and Italian Astronomer THE VOICE OF THE TOTAL GOD They had said the Moiss: You to us say, we will hear and you; however GOD does not speak with us, so that let us not die. Book of the Exodus of Moiss, CAP.

20:19. Everything that is outside of the Divine Ethics has one alone destination: To perish. ' ' For the believers, GOD is in the beginning of the things. For the scientists, in the end of all reflexo' '. Max Planck German Physicist Considered the founder of the Quantum Theory. GOD does not have end; where the scientist thinks that it is Its end, she becomes to give of face with Its principle.


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