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April 9th, 2017

Many people decide to follow your dreams without thinking of the dreams of others or those who do not fear to failure and those who feel guilt but ultimately made their dreams. All this is a game and a cruise that deserves merit for which achieves it. Live and let live. Every parent thinks of her children, and wants the best for them, but sometimes they think that the children can meet their frustrated dreams and impel them to a world that is not even what the children want, to a world unknown to children and who may not want to live there. Sometimes with the mere fact of imposing religion and other things made that children leave their homes and go to fulfill their dreams and experience other things.

Children should not be imposed on them but should suggest them and help them out by the way of the good, but sometimes to ban something that is what they do faster. This means that there is a chance to disappoint their parents, friends or loved ones who were expecting certain things that may not give them this in the attempt. Maybe because you do not think like them and also not they share the same tastes. There are religious families that their children do not share the same tastes and people who prefer not to pray and do not practice the religion of their parents and they are entitled to because each who is free choice in what they want to believe. The children must be persistent with their plans and dreams and know that your happiness is at stake, must therefore think that they can hurt someone but on the other hand are going to achieve the goals that were proposed at the outset.

For parents is a very strong blow see their children away from their homes but they must understand that it is for a good because each one must live their own experiences. In such situations, sit and think with cool head in what they want to do and then if you decide. It is essential to believe in yourself and know that they can achieve their goals without having to do things that do not want to respect your parents. Think it is their future, but not the future of the parents. Each and every one of us have feelings and we can quit injured at any time, but parents should understand that if the happiness of their children go out and live new experiences, salt, they must allow it, in the end enjoy new experiences but remember write occasionally.


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