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Windows XP

February 10th, 2017

For .- (twitter.com / ECRA) Windows XP will die in 2011, it will not be able to support the next generation of hard disks and update software. The new generation of hardware is not fully compatible with Windows XP. Mainly Hard Drives, as the new design of hardware and connectivity is more efficient, and represents a challenge for the veteran operating system, the new drives use an advanced format, we now know differently and that has managed efficiently through WindowsXP patch or service pack, but the limitation is in the concept development of Windows XP. Windows XP supports formatting hard drives formatted in blocks of 512bytes and new hard drives have 4kb formats is 8 times larger than the previous format and allow double the space used by blocks to correct errors. By the time Windows XP was scheduled did not exist in the hardware market with these characteristics, so the system was limited to use existing hardware features at the time, and was not considered a Update the file format or the use of hard drives with more features and according to experts, it is unthinkable that a new Service Pack comes to light, as the support period has ended, there has been a term if it is true, but developments do not work in Windows XP, now everything is focused on Windows 7, even the previous operating system, Windows Vista has been overshadowed by the popularity of Windows 7, and the reluctance of users to change their old functional Windows XP, mainly at the corporate level, where Banks, Pharmacies, Hotels, Car agencies, among others, they spread their different proprietary systems.


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