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Wind Energy Offshore Windfloat

May 26th, 2016

Aeolian energy offshore. Windfloat Click to see video here the Aeolian energy offshore or in deep waters could reach a greater development thanks to new floating wind turbines, designed by the company Marine Innovation and Technology. This way an important advance in one of the areas with majors would be obtained possibilities to make agile the development of the Aeolian energy, considering that in deep waters is possible to obtain a greater production energetics than with the turbines located in neighborhoods of the coasts. To know more about this subject visit Daniel Chavez Moran. Until the moment, the development of the marine Aeolian energy has concentrated mainly in the infrastructure design located near the coasts, where the turbines can anchor directly at heart of the sea. This means that more than the 2,000 megavatios produced in Europe by means of marine Aeolian energy they are obtained through turbines located to around 50 meters of the coasts.

If with turbines located in neighborhoods of the coasts consistent energy efficiencies are obtained and they are managed to be useful strong winds, when developing infrastructures on the high seas those conditions can improve still more. In order to take advantage of the wind that blows on the deepest waters, the last tendency is to design floating Aeolian turbines, that avoid the necessity to insert these structures at heart sailor. New technology and different projects the WindFloat owns the majors at present floating Aeolian turbines available, that in addition obtain important indices of effectiveness. The advances obtained in this platform were reviewed in a recent article of the specialized magazine Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. It is designed to support the rigors of a continued stormy climate during one hundred years, could be working in deep waters several of these turbines in 2011 or 2012. In the attached video the characteristics of their project can be observed. Next to the benefits that suppose to take advantage of the greater wind force in deep waters, these floating Aeolian turbines would eliminate another one of the impediments that have restrained a greater development of the marine Aeolian energy, for example in the United States: the visual contamination generated by the placed structures in neighborhoods of the coasts.

Several characteristics of design of the WindFloat platform must improve still to guarantee their correct operation in the most difficult conditions, beyond the effectiveness obtained by the floating Aeolian turbines. The challenges associated with the design and the operation of the floating Aeolian turbines are significant. It is that something is floating structures that must very transport a load of great size and over the surface of the water, that is complex according to the basic principles of the naval architecture. At the same time, the criteria of static stability and dynamic are difficult to especially obtain, in the context of the production of marine Aeolian energy, where the characteristics of the operations to realise require obligatorily that the weight of the helmet is minimum. Original author and source of the article.


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