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Western Roman Empire

September 5th, 2013

Christianity influenced enough in terms of the diffusion of vine and wine (blood of the grape) which figuratively represents the blood of Christ (drink, this is my blood, last supper), i.e., the vine and wine have been glorified by Christ. Spends a long time in which disregards the cultivation of the vine (for contingent reasons: invasion of the barbaric hordes, fall of the Western Roman Empire) but resumed the importance that deserves. Already in the Middle evo regions differ more suitable for the cultivation of the vine and where better is vinify grapes.In Italy, for example, acquire renowned areas such as Cinque Terre (Liguria), the Chianti (Tuscany) and the Castelli Romani (Lazio). You should be underlined that the maritime Republics (Pisa, Amalfi, Genoa and Venice especially) had a significant importance in the trade of wines is exporting the Italians, is importing the Greeks.News of the wine with the arrival of the Spaniards are in Mexico. The wine industry has presented an important development in the last three decades around the world, in regions that were not known in the traditional regions.


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