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December 8th, 2010

Vegetotherapy could say that their main source that is based on bioenergetics, is a therapy that combines to develop their organizational energy body treatment with the different kinds of character. Today, bioenergetics is much more widespread than vegetotherapy, although much of its theoretical foundation is based on the work of Reich. Alexander Lowen, born in 1910 in New York, after finishing his medical studies and after his innate interest in psychiatry in contact with Reich in 1940, when he taught a course in EE. UU. on the analysis of character From this meeting and given the high interest Lowen for Reich, was analyzed by him from 1942 to 1945, with his pupil for a period of twelve years.

Since 1952, exercised as a psychiatrist in a clinic itself already using such techniques. In 1956, with another outstanding disciple of Reich, John C. Pierrakos, in New York founded the Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis. " It was there while on a joint work done on the body of Lowen, developed the essential aspects of Bioenergetics. The third most disciple of Reich was named Stanly Keleman, this later developed his work in other lines but always within bioenergy.

At this time Reich died in prison, particularly in 1957. In 1958 he published his book "The Physical Dynamics of Character Structure," stating in a brilliant dynamic correlation of physical and psychological patterns. Pierrakos Later, he left the institute to create its own school based on his conception of energy, "Core" Energy ", where he tries to go beyond the body's functions without excluding the spiritual dimension of man in therapy, therefore the concept of bioenergetics to be associated almost exclusively with Lowen, this no doubt contributed to the ease of writing that always shown Lowen, A published a number of brilliant books arguing their theories, which have undoubtedly made it a psychotherapist enormously popular.


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