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United States

July 3rd, 2013

JOSE BRECHNER new orders from Chavez for his submissive peasant Bolivian, are: Bolivia should break with the United States. As relations are at their most low, Bolivia does not have to do much to get to the break total. The first thing that occurred to them to the indigenous is require visa to Americans and renege on financial support from USAID 120 million unless the funds are freely available. Morales is accusing the U.S. Ambassador of finance to the opposition and diplomats launched thick warnings so that they are not interfering in the internal affairs of Bolivia.

Of course the reprimands do not include the representatives of Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. As whole megalomaniac, Chavez is paranoid and want to make sure that no presence or American influence that opposes the shipment of Venezuelan troops, which would begin arriving to repress any mass mobilization or uprising that destabilise the indigenous Government. The recent strikes and protests have worried to the Communist bosses, and the popular pressure grows as Morales becomes more authoritarian. The reasoning behind the orders is parent and child, but scary. United States intervened militarily in Grenada and Panama, and Chavez is afraid to attack Bolivia because he would lose all the millions invested, and more than that, zozobraria their conquest of the heartland, giving strategic advantage over neighbors if you have proper control of the country. In essence is the same plan that had Che Guevara to propagate his loving philosophy in the Southern Cone. With or without a visa, if the Americans decide to come, just them do so with a dozen of Apache helicopters to destroy the Bolivian armed forces altogether. But that’s not going to happen, because Morales was elected democratically, so that Bolivians will have to pay their guilt and endure whatever happens, acting independently of external aid. The scene is shocking because it indicates that Chavez is ready to invade Bolivia militarily.


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