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February 11th, 2011

Manufacturers offer a variety of racetracks, and to select the most appropriate model, you should consider a number of parameters. The first of the parameters – the motor. Should choose treadmills with motor power of at least a two-horse power. In this work the engine must be quiet. The thickness of the deck treadmill should be at least two centimeters. Its main features – the ability to absorb shocks and good durability. Panel Management must be clear, logical, evidence should be easy to read. There should be a big button stops the simulator, key emergency stop and protective gear from their children.

Web speed treadmill at starting and stopping should be smoother. The length of the blade treadmill should be at least one hundred and twenty inches, and width – not less than forty-three centimeters. Service treadmill must include at least Action guarantee – a minimum of one year. Most the same quality treadmills have a lifetime warranty.


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