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The Seas

January 18th, 2017

Odyssey) In this stretch is clearly that the poet asks for inspiration to the muses to count the history of a hero? Odisseu? what peregrinou for many cities and Islands, suffering provaes since that undid the walls of Troy and raised the fury of a god? Posidon. Variant of the epic one, the characteristic form of the narrative can be presented as that one where a narrative one counts a history with personages who if involve in actions that transcorrem in some space, during a definitive time. The film the Odyssey is a good example of this variant. The plot is based on the attitudes of Odisseu and its friends, where each attitude has a consequence and the sets of facts go if succeeding and unchaining conflicts. The narrator is the proper main personage, Odisseu, and tells its impressions on history. Valley to remember that the narrator is not the author of history.

The space where the actions transcorrem are the seas, islands and cities covered for the personages, in the transcorrido time of ten years. As well as in the classic epics, in the film deuses also is presented as real beings that help or harm the hero. The perigos faced for Odisseu are faced with bravery and courage, but it would not have possibility to survive if he did not receive aid superior as example, of Atena. Exactly knowing to be impossible to run away from the provaes imposed for Posidon, Odisseu not fraqueja, the all time searchs to fulfill its destination and is devoted, therefore, as human being superior, extraordinary, worthy of being immortalized by its facts. Example of this is when arriving the Land of the Facios it not to present itself for the name, therefore the same it was cursed, and alone in counting its facts, he is recognized. The probability is present in the flmica narrative with unchaining of the events, with ' ' logical and coherent organization them fatos' '.


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